Back In the Desert: Gunsite's "Defense Against Street Crimes"

For a gun guy, it’s a bit surreal to wake up in Col. Jeff Cooper’s former home on the grounds of Gunsite Academy.

The desert is a chilly 30 degrees outside of Paulden as I sit at the kitchen table in what is now the instructor housing quarters typing this up before Defense Against Street Crimes begins. NO, I’m no instructor, but they put up writers from time to time, when they have the space. I’m drinking my last cup of coffee before heading over to the classroom, realizing that so much of what is now taught at Gunsite over the past 40 years was thought up where I’m sitting now.



Along with most of the students I’ll be meeting in less than an hour (including at least two Bearing Arms readers), I have the required 250 Pistol course under my belt, and 350 Intermediate Pistol as well.

I hope I’m prepared, because our coursework promises to be intense.

The most common issue a Gunsite graduate may encounter in which they will apply the skills learned at the ranch is a crime against their person or the person of another for whom they accept responsibility.

Response to Street Crimes will prepare the student for violent encounters that happen in areas outside the home.   Incidents such as road rage, the knockout game, armed robbery, sexual assault and violence of all kinds happen every day.   In addition to building upon your basic pistol skills, you will gain the ability to engage multiple targets in crowded environments, learn how to stack resources, handle emergency medical issues and surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.  We will cover the criminal attack cycle, hard pointing, exfiltration and the very important aspect of linking up with law enforcement following the incident.

Taught by career law enforcement officers with decades of experience in dealing with street crimes, the criminals and the victims, this course offers valuable insights into preventing or prevailing a violent crime against your person.

The week culminates in force on force scenarios using Simunitions to reinforce everything you have learned!


It’s going to be a long and intense day.

I’ll let you know more when I can, but it’s time to grab my range bag, and get to work.

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