De Blasio Goes "Full Retard" Attempting To Explain Away NYC Knife Attacks

According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the spike in edged weapon attacks in the Big Apple are a result of the city’s gun control efforts being so successful.


Yes, he really is that delusional.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says the explosion in random slashings this year shows the city is getting guns off the streets, but critics say it’s another NYPD policy that is driving the blade attacks: The end of stop-and-frisk.

De Blasio’s claim earlier this month that violent criminals are using knives, razor blades and boxcutters to maim strangers because they can’t get their hands on firearms prompted skepticism from law enforcement experts. Slashings have jumped about 20 percent this year compared to the first three months of 2015, with attacks occurring on the subway, at tourist attractions and in outer borough neighborhoods long plagued by crime.

“I’m not a criminologist,” de Blasio told reporters in response to a question about the knife attacks. “But I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon.”

That’s one theory.

Here’s another that’s based in reality.

Precisely nothing de Blasio has done has impeded the flow of weapons and drugs into New York City. Instead, he’s ended the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy, and made it much easier for criminals and crazies to carry weapons without significant risk of being stopped.

These edged weapon attacks are part of a wider spike in violent crime that is a direct result of the “Ferguson Effect,” where criminals have become the new protected class. Criminals are now afforded more rights and preferential treatment by government non-government agencies (NGOs) than law-abiding citizens or law enforcement, thanks to deranged social policy emanating from the left wing fringe of the Democrat Party. It is this sort of deranged social policy which is giving criminals the confidence to carry weapons of all kinds in a society poised to embrace anarchy as official public policy.


De Blasio and generations of Democrats before him have emboldened criminals by making it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to legally carry concealed handguns for their own self-defense. Knowing that good people have been disarmed by law, and that the NYPD have been handcuffed by policy, the criminals and the crazies are reacting much as they did in the 1980s, under the crime spree that was David Dinkins Administration.

Slashing attacks are up 20% in New York City so far this year, and it’s only going to get bloodier as the weather warms up.

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