A Good Man Passes

Todd Louis Green
Todd Louis Green
Todd Louis Green

Todd Louis Green, who popularized appendix carry, the dot torture drill, F.A.S.T.,  and was otherwise very influential in modern handgun training via pistol-training.com, has passed after a decade-long battle with cancer.


I didn’t get a chance to meet Mr. Green myself and have no personal anecdotes to offer, but I do know that he had a significant impact on how many people think and train with handguns. Green also fought as fiercely against cancer has he pushed the envelop in handgun shooting, with his charity Rampage For The Cure.

Our friends at Ballistic Radio partnered with SKD Tactical to create a highly-amusing, limited edition D.A.R.E. shirt to help raise money for Green’s Rampage for the Cure. I bought mine here, and you can as well if you are so inclined.


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