MD Police Officer Killed By Bullets, Anti-Gun Democrats

Officer Colson
Officer Colson
Officer Jacai Colson was shot by a fellow officer not used to seeing law-abiding citizens with guns. 

28-year-old Prince Georges County Police officer Jacai Colson was shot and killed in Prince George’s County Sunday night by a fellow officer during an ambush because of what can charitably be described as “target discrimination issues.”


A Maryland police officer killed in the line of duty was inadvertently shot by a fellow responding officer after a gunman allegedly ambushed a police stationhouse in an “unprovoked” attack, cops said.

Officer Jacai Colson was 28 years old and would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week, Prince George’s County police said.

Police said the alleged gunman “intended to die at the hand of a police officer” and had dictated his last will and testament on a cellphone video just minutes before his brothers drove him to the stationhouse.

Police said the “violence was all captured on cell phone and surveillance video which is evidence in our case.”

Colson, a four-year veteran assigned to the Prince George’s County Narcotic Division, was on his way to the police station to meet an officer and arrived at the station right after a gunman began shooting there Sunday, police said. He was not wearing body armor at the time, police said.

Colson, who was in plain clothes, left his unmarked cruiser and began exchanging gunfire with the shooter, police said. A total of six officers responded, and four officers, including Colson, opened fire, police said.

Colson’s autopsy revealed he was inadvertently shot by another officer, police said.


Maryland is a rabidly anti-gun state, where Democrats have all but stripped citizens of the right to armed self-defense. Concealed carry permitting in Maryland is “may issue,” and permits to carry a concealed handgun are routinely denied. Concealed carry permits are so rare that there only about 14,000 concealed carry permits in a state of nearly six million people. Neighboring Virginia is an open carry state which has more than 363,000 concealed carry permits, so law enforcement officers are far more attuned to dealing with people in street clothes lawfully carrying handguns.

When the suicidal gunman showed up ouside the police station and started shooting at random, at least one officer, unaccustomed to encountering a person in street clothes with a handgun who was not a criminal, assumed that Colson was the bad guy and shot him dead.

Was the individual Prince George’s County officer who shot officer Colson a racist?

The answer to the question is moot.

Prince George’s County Police, like officers across Maryland and the rest of the rabidly anti-gun Northeast, are conditioned to assume that unless the person they encounter wielding a gun is in a law enforcement uniform, then they are more than likely a violent criminal suspect. The thought that Prince George’s County officers coming out of the police station may run into a lawful concealed or open carrier or plain-clothed officer—common in the “free states”—never cross the minds.


They saw a black male in street clothes carrying a handgun, did not discriminate or deconflict, and killed one of their own.

One of Jacai Colson’s fellow Prince George’s County officers was holding the gun that killed him.

Maryland’s anti-gun Democrats, who made it nearly impossible for citizens to obtain concealed carry permits and conditioned officers to think that anyone with a gun who wasn’t in uniform must be a bad guy, pulled the trigger.

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