Trump's Primary Victories A Yuge Blow To The Second Amendment

Yesterday was a great day for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and another blow to the Constitution of the United States.

Mrs. Clinton’s southern sweep has all but assured she’ll be the Democrat nominee (whether or not she’s indicted on a raft of federal charges), and Trump’s big night saw victories in Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida, knocking Marco Rubio out of the race.


Trump’s fanbase is celebrating today, but they shouldn’t and wouldn’t be if they understood how the rest of the nation looks at the reality television blowhard.

trump favorability

As primary season wears on, Trump’s favorability rating continues to plummet. He is now the most unpopular politician to run in either party at least the past 24 years, and that’s even with the mainstream media supporting him with a staggering $1.9 billion in free media exposure slanted in his favor… for now.

The media—many of whom have long and deep ties with the Clinton cartel—have kept their powder dry, and will until the general election. They’ll wait until then to bombard you with wave after wave of Trump scandals. The media will wait to point out how untrustworthy Trump is (he’s jumped political parties five different times), highlight his megalomania, and point out that the only consistency in Trump’s life is that he’s willing to exercise the “art of the deal” and compromise anything—people, parties, and principles—in order to seek even a temporary advantage for the only thing he truly cares about: Donald J. Trump.

His current 62.4% unfavorable rating is already the lowest of any candidate in either party in the past six Presidential elections, and that’s with the media still on his side, setting him up for Hillary.


Once they’ve got the Trump versus Clinton race they’ve been salivating over, they’re going to pour it on. There will be character assassinations and exposés, financial disclosures and smears, allegations of impropriety and bear-baiting which Trump will walk into with his bombastic style and be utterly destroyed. By October, after the media has had their way with him and exposed the paper tiger they created, Trump’s unfavorability rating will likely exceed 70%.

Dejected Republicans will stay home. Minorites that already hate Trump will surge to the polls in November in record numbers, ensuring that Hillary Clinton is swept into office against the only candidate in the Republican primaries that she ever had a chance to beat.


The most recent head-to-head poll, from NBC News/Wall Street Journal, showed Clinton crushing Trump in November 51%-38%… and it’s only going to go downhill from here.

So, as supporters of the Second Amendment, what are our options?

Frankly, the “Trump Train” so deftly created by the mainstream media with nearly $2 billion in free airtime has all but ensure that the only constitutional conservative left in the race, Ted Cruz, cannot come from behind and win the Republican nomination outright.


If we’re to have a chance to defeat the Democrat-selected patsy Trump, gun rights supporters are going to have to vote for Cruz in the remaining races, keeping Trump from amassing the delegates needed to seize the nomination outright prior to the GOP convention in Cleveland in July.


Our best chance to derail Trump and put a conservative on the ticket is a brokered convention, where a more principled and electable Republican nominee—hopefully a conservative Constitutionalist who is a real gun rights supporter—can be selected.

Donald Trump is the candidate that the Clinton loyalists in the mainstream media have worked feverishly to build up as a strawman candidate for Hillary to destroy in the general election. If they are successful in conning GOP voters for much longer and Trump is the Republican nominee, the Presidential race is effectively over. Trump is the least liked candidate in more than two decades in either party, and will be destroyed in November.

Having steamrolled over Trump on a platform of rabid gun control, Clinton will place the firearms industry firmly in her sights. She’s already telegraphed her plan to dismantle the Protection of  Lawful Commerce In Arms Act (PLCAA), and once that’s accomplished, she’ll have her allies sue the gun industry into bankruptcy, push for bans on classes of weapons, and carry out her wish to take a hard look at “Australian-style” control, which consists of forced buybacks and the threat of prison for keeping the very kinds of guns the Founders most clearly tried to protect.

If you value your gun rights, you have to fight against Hillary Clinton, and a vote for Donald Trump in the remaining primaries quite simply is a vote for a Clinton Presidency.


If we’re to have any chance of having a GOP candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton in November, Republicans, moderates, independents, and gun-owning liberals alike are going to need to make a strategic vote for Ted Cruz in the remaining primaries to keep Trump from getting the delegates he needs to wrap up the nomination.

From this point on until the GOP convention in July, a vote for Cruz is a vote for a “do over,” a chance to nominate a candidate that can beat Hillary in the fall.

Vote strategically and vote smart, my fellow Americans.

Your Second Amendment rights literally hang in the balance.

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