"Constitutional Carry" Bill Advances In Idaho

The Idaho Senate  has overwhelming passed a bill that would allow citizens to carry handguns openly or concealed without a permit, pushing them one step closer to being the next state to re-adopt so-called “Constitutional” carry.


The Idaho Senate has approved legislation that would allow residents 21 years old and up carry hidden guns without permits or training.

Senate lawmakers voted 27-8 on Wednesday to advance the proposal over the House.

Currently, Idaho allows permits people to carry a gun openly – in a holster, for instance – without a permit. The measure would let people carry concealed, loaded guns in public without permits, such as by wearing a coat. People ages 18 through 20 would need a permit and training.

The Idaho bill is very similar in construction to the law recently adopted in West Virginia.

We can expect the same constant outcry from gun control groups in Idaho that we’ve heard every time that rights have been restored, that there will be “blood in the streets” and an outbreak of gun battles over petty disturbances.

We’ve been hearing that constant refrain from gun control groups for three decades since the movement towards concealed carry started. In every state gun control supporters made the same claim that an outbreak of violence would come with the news laws. In every state, the law came into being without a rise in violence. In fact, it decreased in many instances, and concealed carriers themselves were revealed to be the most law-abiding members of society.


Constitutional or permitless carry is the next nationwide push to reassert constitutional gun rights across the nation, and over the next decade or two we’ll likely see constitutional carry become the “new normal” and dominant form of gun laws relating to personal firearm carry across the nation.

You can expect gun control groups to continue their ceaseless cry that there will be “blood in the streets” as a result of liberty being restored to the American people.

You’ll also find that the American people and legislators are becoming increasing immune to their lies.

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