Moms Demand Action Libels Peaceful Gun Rights Group As Threat To POTUS

Angry bully Shannon Watts doesn't want women to defend themselves with firearms, or for children to know how to shoot.
Moms Demand's Shannon Watts
Moms Demand’s Shannon Watts

Moms Demand Action, the gun control group formed by public relations executive Shannon Watts and bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has falsely accused a gun rights group in Texas of threatening Obama.


moms demand

The group claimed:

Texas open carry extremists are making threats against President Obama as he prepares to attend South by Southwest.

It probably won’t surprise anyone with the slightest bit of integrity to discover that the statement was both false and potentially libelous.

Here’s what Time wrote about Open Carry Texas visiting South by Southwest.

A gun rights group in Texas has organized an open carry demonstration at the South by Southwest festival Friday near where President Obama is expected to speak.

Open Carry Texas plans to hand out literature and show attendees of the annual film and music festival that “gun owners are no different than anyone else” while confronting the “stigma associated with firearms in public,” according to its Facebook event post. The group has been present at SXSW for the last three years and said the commander-in-chief’s high-profile appearance did not play a role in their planning this year.

“The fact that President Obama is going to be in Austin at the same time changes nothing. We won’t be deterred or barred from exercising our liberties,” Open Carry Texas wrote on Facebook. “In fact, if Obama sees us, we look forward to him approaching us, shaking our hands, and thanking us for exercising our rights in a safe and legal manner in the way he is tasked with supporting and defending.”

The group said it doesn’t have a rally or march planned, and that their teams would be limited to up to 10 people at the South entrance to the Capitol. Still, their planned presence has sparked outrage among anti-gun groups, including Moms Demand Action, which is planning a counter-protest.


Clearly, Moms Demand’s claims that Open Carry Texas were threatening the President, when they expressed interest in shaking his hand, was a bald-faced and intentional lie. Nothing in the comment by Open Carry Texas could be misconstrued as anything remotely resembling a threat by any remotely sane person.

That said, we’re talking about a gun control group that routinely lies to the press, yet which employs armed security, and which is bankrolled by a paranoid billionaire dwarf with a phalanx of armed bodyguards and a penchant for armored vehicles.


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