There Will Always Be Guns On Campus. Learn To Deal With It.

It’s hard to open up a Web site this today without running across an article where the author is lamenting the scourge of guns in schools.

Hysterical English professor Heidi Czerwiec of the University of North Dakota is having a hissy fit over the ROTC program having parade rifles on campus, and threatens to call 911 every time she sees a uniformed ROTC student carrying a non-functional Garand.



In Georgia, a law professor is whining that campus carry will—through voodoo magic, perhaps—somehow turn the single  most law-abiding members of society (concealed carriers)  into mass murderers if they hear “controversial ideas and arguments.”

In Michigan, some parents are whining about a handful of concealed carry permit holders who are following the law to the letter when they open carry guns into school.

Every single one of these complainants is making a variation of the same argument.

I’m scared of guns. I think touching guns makes other people evil. I think that paper laws prohibiting guns from certain areas will make me safer from evil people.

Stripped down to the core, these arguments are self-evidently childish and silly.

Despite the fact that more than 90-percent of mass killings take place in spaces where firearms are prohibited by law (so-called “gun free zones”), these people continue to cling to the proven-false belief that a sign outside a doorway or a paper statute will magically protect them from bombs or bullets.

Ask any first responder how well that feckless delusion plays out. The reality of the matter is that bad people will carry guns past these silly signs, and that they can and have torn families apart when they were able to carry out their attacks uncontested.

Combating this delusional belief system is the absolute, demonstrable fact that we know precisely what happens when these violent assassins run into armed resistance. Would-be mass killers turn their weapons on themselves as they did at Reynolds High School or  Umpqua Community College, or are shot down as a criminal was in Michigan just last month.


The data shows that guns in schools saves lives. People have known it for years.

As a result, good people will ignore bad laws to save themselves and others. They will carry guns on school grounds as they always have, regardless of the law, because they logically know that the only thing that will stop a bad person on campus with a gun is a good person on campus with a gun. They’re willing to run the risk of going to jail to save lives.

You’re welcome.


It’s time for these irrational control fanatics to show some maturity, put aside their childish fear of inanimate objects and their unereducated, bigoted views towards their fellow citizens, and embrace the reality that firearms are merely tools.

There have always been guns on campus in this nation, and there always will be.

These ignorant “educators” and parents need to buck up and learn to cope with their own prejudices, or ship out.

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