THEY NEVER STOP: Aussie Gun Grabbers Target Lever-Action Guns

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and their liberty-hating allies have voiced their support for “Australian-style” gun control in the past, gutting the core purpose behind the Second Amendment and the pre-existing human right to armed self-defense it rests upon.

Their “progressive” role models in the Land Down Under aren’t quite done neutering the Australian people yet, however, and are going after a popular lever-action shotgun based on Civil War-era technology.

Gun control advocates have launched a petition to ensure Australia’s gun laws are not weakened following a flood of pre-orders for a new rapid fire shotgun.

The Adler A110 lever-action shotgun has proved a hit among Australian gun owners, who are attracted to the weapons ability to shoot eight rounds in eight seconds – similar to pump action shotguns and semi-automatic shotguns.

But the firearm’s Class A classification – the lowest license level – is concerning gun control advocates, who fear 20 years after Australia’s landmark National Firearms Agreement the country will see a proliferation of easily accessible and powerful guns.

The Australian gun-grabbers are using the same incrementalist approach that we see anti-gun Democrats implementing in more “progressive” pars of the United States, banning entire one class of firearm, and then moving after the next. They’re now trying to try lever-action shotguns as if they are state-of-the-art military weapons… which they may have arguably been in 1887 when they were first designed.

This latest push in Australian goes goes to reinforce the obvious truth that gun control zealots hate all firearms, and they’ll never stop pushing to strip you of your natural right to self defense.

Nov 26, 2021 10:30 AM ET