Idiot Attempts To "Gunfighter Spin" Semi-Auto Pistol, Shoots Girl, Car

There are more than 110 million gun owners in the United States, ranging across the demographic and experience spectrum, carrying them in more places every single day. Despite the huge uptick in the number of people carrying, per capita and absolute casualties related to “accidental shootings” have plummeted, thanks largely to a focus on safety and training by the firearms industry itself.


Unfortunately, as Bearing Arms readers have pointed out from time to time, “you can’t fix stupid,” and sometimes innocent bsystanders suffer as a result.

Authorities expect to file charges against a man accused of shooting a 15-year-old girl at a water gun fight Saturday evening.

Investigators with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s office said they were getting conflicting reports about the incident but the shooting appeared to be accidental. The shooting happened at a family gathering at about 5pm at a home on Precious Place and Roth Forest Ln.

Eyewitness News spoke exclusively to a teen who saw the shooting.

“When the 40-year-old man went to go get his dry clothes, he had a gun somewhere in there. And when he went to holster it he was spinning it on his finger, he pulled the trigger and accidentally shot her near the collarbone,” said Lawrence Martinez.

The wound was not life threatening, but that was purely dumb luck. The errant shot could have just as easily hit her in the face or the heart. I’m encouraged that the “family friend” will face charges for his actions.


As Americans, we exercise the pre-existing natural right to bear arms that most other cultures traded away for the illusion of temporary safety under governments that could crush them at any time, and often have.

As mature adults, we have a duty to exercise our rights responsibly.

We need to police our own before they pose a risk to other people. Make sure that you and those around you follow the four safety rules, and don’t be embarrassed to step in and make safety an issue.

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