Angry Elderly Woman Continues Lying About "Gun Violence Epidemic" Which Doesn't Exist

The Washington Post confirmed that this angry elderly woman lied about gun sales and background checks.
This angry elderly woman continues to blatantly lie to her supporters.

Hillary Clinton is traveling to Hartford today to push her gun control agenda ahead of the Connecticut primaries, hoping to finish off her rival Bernie Sanders, whom she is painting as a “pro-gun” candidate despite his dismal “D” NRA rating.


Unfortunately, Hillary’s constant lies about a non-existent “gun violence epidemic” have been counteracted  at every turn by data from the FBI and CDC, which shows per capita murders are at an all time low nationwide, along with fatal gun accidents, even thought gun sales and gun ownership across all demographics are skyrocketing.

We can now add another study which show that Hillary’s fear-mongering is entirely baseless.

T. released a report yesterday that shows that all crime (including violent crime) remains at historic lows, even as gun ownership across all demographics is skyrocketing.

The report also shows that violent crime has increased slightly in a handful of Democrat-led cities, which are coincidentally cities where anti-police sentiment is high and officers have largely scaled back pro-active policing for fears of being attacked by the mainstream media, the Obama Administration, and the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement if they are forced into an officer-involved shooting. The Daily Mail smear of a St. Louis officer yesterday is a perfect example of what officers fear even when the use of force is clearly justified.


The report’s final conclusions indicate:

  • Crime overall in the 30 largest cities in 2015 remained the same as in 2014, decreasing by 0.1 percent. Two-thirds of cities saw drops in crime, which were offset mostly by an increase in Los Angeles (12.7 percent). Nationally, crime remains at all-time lows.
  • Violent crime rose slightly, by 3.1 percent. This result was primarily caused by increasing violence in Los Angeles (25.2 percent), Baltimore (19.2 percent), and Charlotte (15.9 percent). Notably, aggravated assaults in Los Angeles account for more than half of the national rise in violent crime.
  • The 2015 murder rate rose by 13.3 percent in the 30 largest cities, with 19 cities seeing increases and 6 decreases. However, in absolute terms, murder rates are so low that a small numerical increase can lead to a large percentage change.
  • Final data confirm that three cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) account for more than half (244) of the national increase in murders. While this suggests cause for concern in some cities, murder rates vary widely from year to year, and there is little evidence of a national coming wave in violent crime. These serious increases seem to be localized, rather than part of a national pandemic, suggesting that community conditions remain the major factor. Notably, these three cities all seem to have falling populations, higher poverty rates, and higher unemployment than the national average. This implies that economic deterioration of these cities could be a contributor to murder increases.

Clinton will no doubt ignore the Brennan Center’s report as she has all other actual data that guts her ideology-based thesis.

Mrs. Clinton continues to attempt to become the first U.S. Presidential candidate running on a platform promising to undermine a fundamental constitutional right and decrease civil liberties.

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