Shannon Watts, Both Her Friends to Protest NRA Annual Meeting

Moms Demand Action spokesperson Shannon Watts says that she’ll be leading her anti-liberty group in a protest against the National Rifle Association in Louisville today, but there ‘s something just a bit off in her message.

…as founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, I will also be in Louisville this weekend, along with grassroots volunteers and survivors of gun violence. Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we have become the counterweight to the Washington gun lobby, representing millions of Americans who will no longer allow the gun lobby to write our nation’s gun laws.

While candidate Trump exhorts the crowd to make America great again, we will demand political leaders Make America Safe Again.

When a group has popular support and they decide to have a protest or march, they blast out the time and location of their event across their social media to rally as many people as possible.

Where is your protest, Mrs. Watts?

You don’t mention it on the Moms Demand Facebook pages for the National or local chapters where we could find it. Nor did we seen anything from your boss’s other vanity project, Everytown for Gun Safety.

Why is that, Mrs. Watts?  Why won’t you tell the world where you’re protesting?

I have a theory.

You see, the last two years, we’ve gone to your rallies, Mrs. Watts, and we’ve humiliated you not by saying so much as a single word, but by simply snapping pictures of just how little support you actually have, and how little your group really is.

I was in Indianapolis two years ago, where most of your supporters dressed as an empty field.


I was also in Nashville, last year, where you tried to hide the location of your protest from everyone except for some select media outlets. We found you anyway, and despite your claims of up to 400 supporters attending, we saw the same, sad group of roughly 120 protesters bussed in.


Here’s some reality for you, Mrs. Watts.

When you have to bus people in, you don’t have any really support from the American people. When you actively hide the location of your protest so that people don’t see how little support you actually have, you don’t have the support of the American people.

You have the support of your solitary patron, the anti-gun (except for his armed security guards) billionaire Michael Bloomberg. You have the support of a handful of Hollywood celebrities. You have the support of a small number of social media supporters who don’t care enough about your cause to get off their butts and attend your little protest.

But I will give you one encouraging bit of news this year, Mrs. Watts. I won’t be tracking down your protest. I won’t be taking pictures of your tiny group, to debunk you when you claim that you drew twice as many supporters as you actually did. You’ve proven your irrelevance as a person, and as the leader of a fading, dishonest propaganda group.

You simply aren’t relevant anymore.

Have a nice day.