Image Of Trump Blowing His Brains Doesn't Violate Facebook "Standards"

Daniel Weinberg, the 50-something adult son of racially anti-gun New Jersey Democrat Senator Loretta Weinberg, is taking great delight in posting (on May 5) and reposting (May 25) a graphic image of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump committing suicide with a handgun.



Shocked Facebook users have reported the image, only to be told that the graphic depiction of a current Presidential candidate blowing their brains out with a handgun does not violate the company’s community standards.


It will be very interesting to see if Facebook—which is currently under fire for a perceived left-wing bias against Republicans and conservatives—would be as accepting if someone crafts a matching image featuring Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Somehow, I doubt such an image would be treated with anything less than the image being immediately removed and the user banned.

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