What We Know So Far About The Pulse Terrorist Attack

We’re discovering more about the Florida-born Islamic terrorist* and the attack he conducted against a gay club in the most deadly terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11.

  • So far, 50 are reported killed and 53 people are reported injured. Those number are not final.
  • The Islamist terrorist was killed by a SWAT team when they made entry three hours after the attack began.
  • The terrorist’s father says that the terrorist became angry when he saw two gay men kissing in Florida several months ago.
  • The lone-wolf terrorist pledged allegiance to ISIS, a Islamic terrorist organization known for particular brutality towards gays.
  • The terrorist was married briefly to a woman from New Jersey, and that he savagely beat her for little to no reason.
  • The terrorist was a licensed armed security guard in the state of Florida, and that he’d passed background checks.
  • The FBI has investigated the terrorist in 2013 and 2014, but did not find evidence he’d committed any crimes at those times, and so closed their investigations.
  • The terrorist was allegedly armed with an AR-15 rifle and a handgun during his attack.
  • There were approximately 320 people inside the club when the attack began.
  • A fast-thinking club security guard saved many lives by tearing down a partition and directing club-goers out an exit through an “employees-only” part of the building.
  • Dozens were trapped in one or more bathrooms after the terrorist retreated back inside the club after he was engaged by a police officer providing security at the club.
  • SWAT teams used breaching charges and an armored vehicle to make entry through a wall of the club three hours after the attack began.
  • Approximately 30 people were rescued inside the club as a result of the SWAT raid.
  • A SWAT team member was shot in the head by a fellow SWAT officer during the raid, but was saved by his ballistic helmet.

As past performance is a predictor of future behavior, we can also make the following predictions with a fair degree of certainly.

  • Supporters of gun control will use this terrorist attack to push for more gun control laws, despite the fact that the Islamist terrorist passed intensive background checks to become an armed guard.
  • Supporters of gun control will use the fact that the terrorist used an AR-15 rifle to one again call for bans on common semi-automatic rifles, despite the fact that rifles of any kind are among those least used in crimes.
  • Supporters of gun control will use the fact that the killer was twice investigated by the FBI to call for “Minority Report”-style bans of people on various government lists to be banned from buying guns, despite the fact that somewhere between 40%-60% of the people on watch lists should not be there.
  • Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats will push for more gun control, while excusing Islam’s long, formalized, and heavily documented history of violence against gays.

It’s going to be a brutal summer and fall as this incident is politicized and exploited.


* Bearing Arms does not publish the names of mass or spree killers.

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