CBS Straw-Purchases Rifle, ATF Response Is, "Meh, Whatever"

Once again, an anti-gun progressive Democrat “journalist” has clearly broken federal gun laws in the pursuit of a sensationalist story meant to generate public outrage to attack the Bill of Rights:


The gun store where a CBS News employee purchased a gun for a segment that aired Thursday on “CBS This Morning” has filed a report with the Virginia State Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives over concerns the purchase was unlawful.

The store, SpecDive Tactical in Alexandria, Virginia, said that when CBS News’ Paula Reid purchased the rifle she told the store’s general manager the gun was for her own use. However, when CBS reported on the story they revealed the gun was purchased for the story and transferred to a third party a few hours later. “The rifle we purchased was legally transferred to a federally licensed firearms dealer and weapons instructor in Virginia, just hours after we bought it,” the report said.

The store said they contacted the ATF after viewing the report because they feared the misdirection used by the CBS reporter constituted a straw purchase, which would be a federal crime.

Once again, just like in the Katie Couric documentary where at least four firearms were illegally purchased in an interstate transfer, the  ATF doesn’t seem to really care.

But should we really that surprised?

After all, the agency itself ran thousands, if not tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels in an apparent effort by the Obama Administration to blame Mexican drug war casualties on law-abiding American citizens in an effort to build support for an “assault weapon” ban (which they’re still pushing at every opportunity, 6 years after Operation Fast & Furious began).


And it’s not like the Obama Justice Department has any interest in prosecuting gun crimes. Focused with precision on forcing Christians to bake cakes, nuns to buy birth control, and providing cross-dressing sex predators equal access to the bathrooms of their choice, they haven’t the time to focus on doing the one thing they’re actually supposed to do: keep the nation safe from criminals and terrorists.

CBS News sent a producer into a gun store in Virginia where she passed both the FBI NICS background check and the enhanced stat-level background checks Virginia passed after Virginia Tech. As the producer had not been convicted of any crimes nor had she had and disqualifying mental health concerns, she was able to exercise her constitutional rights and buy a gun.

That’s a “problem” according to CBS News.

Her intentional straw purchase is a problem for everyone else.

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