Battlebot-Building Illegal Alien Attempts to Steal Cop's Gun, Assassinate Trump

Writers for Vox and the Huffington Post have been egging their fellow progressives towards violence directed at Donald Trump, and one mentally ill illegal alien finally took the bait.


A man arrested at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas over the weekend told authorities he tried to grab an officer’s gun so he could kill the candidate, according to court documents released Monday.

The documents also showed that the suspect was in the United States illegally. He had overstayed his visa from the United Kingdom, KLAS reported.

A complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Nevada charges Michael Steven Sandford, 19, with an act of violence on restricted grounds. A judge denied him bail at a court hearing Monday.

Authorities said Sandford went to a Trump rally on Saturday at the Treasure Island Casino and approached a Las Vegas police officer to say he wanted an autograph from Trump.

The court document says that Sandford was arrested after grabbing the handle of an officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it.

When Sandford was asked by a Special Agent why he attempted to grab the officer’s gun, he replied “to shoot and kill Trump.”

Let’s be very clear on this: Sandford isn’t “all there.” He is somewhere on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum—itself no predictor of violence— and also had severe obsessive compulsive disorder, but his family noted he was becoming more withdrawn and secretive, and the homeless illegal alien who overstayed his visa eventually made his way across the country and planned to murder Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Why now?

Did Sandford’s sudden urge have anything to with Huffington Post contributor Jesse Benn recently justifying violence against Donald Trump?


How about Vox editor Emmett Rensin making the same sort of justification for political violence against Trump’s supporters?

Both men—and many on the left, up to an including Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Senators Chris Murphy and Elizabeth Warren—are guilty of “othering” Trump, his supporters, and other groups, including the National Rifle Association.

Inevitably, calls for violence, and equating their fellow Americans with ISIS (as Warren and Murphy did) or “enemies” as Clinton had the desired result in what assuredly only the first attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.

I’m utterly disgusted that the Soviet Democrats are amping up their eliminationist rhetoric even after Trump’s supporters have been beaten bloody for merely attempting to exercise their First Amendment freedom to assemble and listen to their favored candidate.

The progressive wing of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party glorifying violence against Trump and his supporters are vile in their attempts to encourage harm against those who hold differing political views.

They’d be well-served to remember that they will be held responsible for any serious injuries or fatalities they induce.

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