We Don't Have a Gun Problem. We Have a Islamic Terrorist Democrat Problem.

According to the Huffington Post, you can wind up on terror watch lists for all sorts of stupid reasons, or no reason at all.

1. You could raise “reasonable suspicion” that you’re involved in terrorism. “Irrefutable evidence or concrete facts” are not required.

2. You could post something on Facebook or Twitter that raises “reasonable suspicion.”

3. Or somebody else could just think you’re a potential terror threat.

4. You could be a little terrorist-ish, at least according to someone.

5. Or you could just know someone terrorist-y, maybe.

6. And if you’re in a “category” of people determined to be a threat, your threat status could be “upgraded” at the snap of a finger.

7. Finally, you could just be unlucky.


The utterly arbitrary nature of  the watch list criteria is a train wreck of idiotic proportions, proving yet again that to really screw things up, you need the federal government to get involved.

What do we know about the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack?

We know that the wife-beating 29-year-old Islamic terrorist Democrat first started raising alarms with threats of terrorist violence in high school, more than a decade ago, and that his Taliban-supporting father is very friendly with the Democrat Party.

We know he celebrated 9/11 and the San Bernardino Islamic terror attacks.

We know that he was constantly issuing threats and talking about being affiliated with various terrorist groups, that he had relationships with two actual documented terrorists, and that at least one other Muslim at his mosque tried to alert the federal government about this Hillary-supporting terrorist years ago. We know that a Florida gun store, Lotus Gunworks, contacted the FBI over “suspicious behavior” from the suspect after denying him armor and ammunition, and that the FBI utterly failed to follow up.

In other words, the Islamic Democrat terrorist who so ruthlessly murdered 49 innocent people and wounded more than 50 more all but pranced around under a neon sign screaming:


The FBI and the ever-useless Department of Homeland Security did nothing.


In response to this easily predictable attack by a long-known Islamic terrorist threat, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and House and the Democrat Party did what they always do: they blamed the National Rifle Association, a group so well known for suicide bombings, throwing gays off of buildings, setting enemy prisoners on fire, lynchings, and cross-burnings.

Wait a minute… that describes ISIS and the Ku Klux Klan, not the NRA. The NRA is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, and is the largest single group of law-abiding group of citizens in the United States.

Instead of targeting radicalized Islamic hate-spewers like the imams that shaped this terrorist, or closing more than 100 radical mosques as France is doing in the wake of the Paris attacks, or using our considerable technological superiority to crush the dissemination of terrorism on web sites and in social media platforms, the Democrat Party and a handful of turncoat Republicans are focusing like a laser on those who have done nothing.

Childish House Democrats—several of whom have been pictured with the Islamic terrorist Democrat’s Taliban-supporting father in his many trips to Washington—are instead throwing a temper tantrum for more gun control.

Weathervane Republican Susan Collins of Maine is attempting to ram through another attempt at banning people on these incredibly flawed watch lists from buying guns, the third attempt at such a law this week, with a “compromise” bill that, while changing on the fly, only promises to compromise your rights and give the federal government more power that it will assuredly use ineptly.


The NRA and ACLU alike are condemning attempts by Congress to attack the rights of law-abiding citizens placed on arbitrary lists.

The U.S. homicide rate is at a 51-year-low. Accidents with firearms are also down dramatically over the past 20 years. We do not have a gun problem in the United States.

What we need Muslim terrorist Democrat control.

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