Why Is Hillary Clinton Less Popular Than the NRA, FBI, and Bernie Sanders?

David Ruiz of the Free Beacon notes that despite being presented as nearly inevitable by her allies in the national news media, presumptive Democrat Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed, deeply disliked candidate.

Hillary Clinton has far greater unfavorability with the public than the FBI, the National Rifle Association and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), all thorns in her side over the past year of her presidential campaign, according to a new poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Clinton received a positive rating from just 33 percent of respondents, compared to a 55 percent negative view, a net minus-22 rating.

Meanwhile, the FBI, which is investigating her illicit use of a private email server at the State Department, had a net rating of plus-32 (48 percent positive, 16 percent negative). The NRA, which Clinton has ripped for its gun rights advocacy, has a plus-6 favorability rating (42-36). Sanders, Clinton’s strongest challenger for the Democratic nomination who has still not endorsed her, has a plus-9 favorability (43-34).

Why is Hillary such a train wreck?

Mrs. Clinton is the first presidential candidate in any major party in American history to explicitly run against the Bill of rights, targeting the Second Amendment (which reflects the pre-existing right to be arms) and the Fifth Amendment presumption that we are innocent of a crime until proven guilty, which is the legal bedrock of our entire judicial system.

Clinton’s Democrat Party is feverishly pushing the theory that the 600,000-800,000 Americans citizens arbitrarily placed on federal watch lists for any reason or no reason at all should be stripped of their rights to bear arms without a trial for up to five years, even though they’ve never even been investigated for crimes, much had evidence collected against them, an arrest made, a trial held, and a conviction obtained.

Clinton and the Democrat Party are campaigning for nothing less than the ability to create secret lists and hierarchies to “other” American citizens that they do not like and give them differing levels of rights based on a whim in a nightmare based straight out of a George Orwell novel.

In any sane world, the Stalinist Democrats would be getting blown out by 20 points or more in every major poll, but this isn’t a sane world.

Instead, 12 million Democrats crossed over in open primaries to ensure that sideshow act Donald Trump became the Republican nominee.

Using 2000 and 2008 as baselines, the conclusion was staggering. Trump only got about 3.3 million Republican Votes. The rest are Democrats, approximately 12 million of them.

The rigged “superdelegate” system in the Democrat Party ushered in Clinton as their nominee to strip Americans of their fundamental rights if elected, and Democrat voters pushed Donald Trump to the Republican nomination while actual Republicans split their primary votes among 16 other candidates, none of whom had the intestinal fortitude to attack Trump, and who simple assumed that Trump would implode during the primary season.

Instead, Trump is coming apart at the seems now, as the mainstream media is finally exploiting him as every reasonably intelligent person knew they would.

Guess who the only major politician in the United States is less popular than Hillary Clinton?

Yup, you guessed it.

The most disliked of all is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is viewed unfavorably by a full 60 percent of the electorate, while only 29 percent offer a positive rating of the GOP standard-bearer (-31 rating).