LAME: Missouri Governor Vetoed This Important Self-Defense Bill

Gov. Jay Nixon has issued what is largely a protest veto against popular guns rights legislation in Missouri.

Missouri’s governor formally rejected a plan Monday to significantly loosen state gun laws, calling the Republican-led initiative a “drastic departure” from current rules that would make the state less safe.

Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, issued his veto message Monday on legislation that would eliminate the current requirementsMissourians must get in order to carry a concealed gun.

“Here in Missouri, responsible gun ownership and support for the Second Amendment are strongly held values. These values are part of who we are, and a tradition we pass from generation to generation,” Nixon said. “But I cannot support the extreme step of throwing out that process entirely, eliminating sensible protections like background checks and training requirements, and taking away the ability of sheriffs to protect their communities.”


Nixon’s veto was greeted with disgust from the National Rifle Association, who wasted no time in calling out Nixon’s dishonest excuses with a prepared statement.

The rights of every Missourian took a hit today after Governor Jay Nixon’s Sunday night veto of Senate Bill 656. Designed to expand protection opportunities, Senate Bill 656 would have allowed anyone legally allowed to possess a firearm to carry a firearm for self-defense without a permit.

“If events in Orlando and San Bernardino have taught us anything it’s that the need for self-protection can occur anywhere at any time,” said Lacey Biles, director of NRA State and Local Affairs. “With this veto, Governor Nixon proves he is more concerned about scoring political points with out-of-state gun control groups than securing the safety of law-abiding Missourians.”

In his veto letter, Nixon claimed SB 656 “would throw out the permit process.” In reality the legislation would not change the current permitting system. Permit holders would continue to have the right to carry concealed in states that recognize Missouri permits if the bill were to become law.

SB 656 also strengthens Missouri’s Stand Your Ground laws, expands Castle Doctrine protection, and provides members of the military with extra time to renew their carry permits. Unfortunately, two out-of-state gun control groups (Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action) have spearheaded a disinformation campaign to keep SB 656 from becoming law. While Governor Nixon bought into their false claims, the general public fully supports the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent attack.

“Missourians have consistently demonstrated their support for self defense both within the home and in public, but the governor turned a deaf ear to the will of the people,” Biles concluded. “We are confident that the Governor will hear the people’s voice loud and clear when the legislature re-convenes in the fall to over-ride his veto.”


It’s almost amusing that miniature megalomanic Mike Bloomberg is pouring so much of his personal fortune into manufacturing gun control groups to make it appear that there is popular support for his personal hatred of the Second Amendment right. He’s pumped tens of millions of dollars into federal and state elections hoping to significantly challenge the will of the people, but he’s clearly losing many more battles than he’s winning.

Even gun control supporters acknowledge that Nixon’s veto is a empty and temporary victory as the legislature has more than enough votes to blow away Nixon’s veto, just as the legislatures have have in other states who are following the trend towards constitutional carry and stand your ground laws that give good citizens the right to defend themselves and their children without dangerously trying to retreat when under attack.

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