Just One Gun Law Might Stop 98.8% Of Mass Shootings, So Why Do Democrats Oppose It?

According to the Baltimore Sun, congressional Democrats haven’t finished fundraising off the bodies of the 49 gay people killed by the Hillary Clinton-supporting Islamic terrorist in Orlando more than two weeks ago. The Sun says that they’ll return from the 4th of July break and try to push for two different gun control bills that would not have made any difference at all.

Democrats held events across the country on Wednesday, including in Baltimore, in an effort to press Republican leaders to hold a vote on two ideas they say most Americans support: Tougher background checks and blocking people on terrorism watch lists from purchasing a firearm.

“Our message is very simple: There will be no more business as usual in the House of Representatives until we have an opportunity to take action on this issue,” Van Hollen said on the steps of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the cathedral church of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

“So long as Congress does not take action in response to the carnage, Congress itself is implicated in that carnage,” he said.

For once, I thoroughly agree with the grandstanding Maryland Democrat.

These congresspeople should take action in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub by one of their fellow Democrats.

Of course, their calls for “more background checks” and blocking people on the terror watch lists from buying guns wouldn’t have stopped this most recent mass murder in Orlando, any more than it would have stopped the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack, the UC-Santa Barbara murders, the Washington Navy Yard Shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre,  the Aurora, Colorado movie theater murders, the Virginia Tech massacrem, nor any of the other significant mass killing in American history.

These two concepts pushed by Democrats—more background checks, and destroying due process and the presumption of innocence that is the bedrock of the American judicial system—are nothing more or less than attempts by an increasingly statist political party to brand citizens as subversives and then strip them of their core rights.

If Democrats really want to stop the vast majority of mass killings, they can push for one simple law that would have the dual effects of restoring liberties nationwide, and destroying the common target of nearly every mass murder.


Yes, nearly 99% of all mass public murders over the last 66 years have the common denominator of occurring in so-called “gun free zones,” places where citizens have been prevented from being able to legally carry firearms for their own self-defense and the defense of others. Those evil souls who have decided that they must rage against innocent random human life nearly always pick densely populated spaces where they know citizens have been disarmed by ill-informed politicians.

They want time and space to kill.

Democrats have given them all the time and space they need for more than half a century. It isn’t working.

It’s time to get rid of these tragically misnamed “gun free zones” and give American citizens a fighting chance.