These Crazed Democrats Are Pushing To Gut The Bill of Rights, Right Now.

Democrats in Congress are attempting once again to exploit the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando carried out by a fellow Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter as an excuse to attack the Constitution.

The Congressional Black Caucus is calling on its members “to be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible next week” when the House returns for business on Tuesday.

The Washington Examiner has obtained a memo sent to Democratic offices that states that CBC members are coordinating a “day of action on the floor in regards to gun violence.”

The plan involves members giving speeches throughout the day calling for further federal restrictions on the possession and use of guns. The memo also asks members to be present for a House Rules Committee that afternoon regarding on the terrorism and gun control legislation slated for action on the floor Wednesday.

“During Votes – Members are encouraged to have a picture (not poster board, but a printed piece of paper with an image of a constituent killed by a firearm),” the memo stated.

The CBC is angry that House Republicans will vote tomorrow on a bill that includes provisions which would give the federal government the opportunity to deny those on terror watch lists the ability purchase guns, if the government can provide evidence that they are indeed a threat.

Presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton herself is calling not only for the watch lists to be abused, but expanded.

Democrats are upset that the Republican-authored bill requires government to show evidence that people are a threat before stripping them of core constitutional rights. The Democrats are insisting that government should be able to place citizens on secret lists for any reason or no reason at all, and then use their inclusion on those secret lists to assert that they are guilty until proven innocent.

It’s a direct assault on due process and the presumption of innocence itself.

As Andrew McCarthy notes at National Review Online, the Democrat Party is attempting a naked power grab.

President Obama and his allies in Congress seek to deny the constitutional gun-ownership rights of Americans merely suspected of terror ties — even as the Left champions the non-existent immigration rights of aliens from regions notorious for terror ties. The backbone of the Democrats’ stratagem is a specious “constitutional” claim, one whose logic would empower the government to strip every civil right the Constitution is designed to protect against government encroachment.

As posited by Senator Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) at a Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Democrats claim that many constitutional liberties are routinely restricted in emergency circumstances — in particular, Fourth Amendment rights against warrantless search and arrest. Hence, the argument goes, Second Amendment rights, too, may be stripped away if Democrats can concoct an emergency — such as the ongoing crisis in which guns, apparently with minds of their own, mow down infidels.

At the hearing, Republicans, led by Senator John Cornyn (R., Tex.), made the point that the right to keep and bear arms is rooted in both self-defense and insurance against government’s propensity toward tyranny. The right pre-existed the Constitution. Thus, the Second Amendment is not its source. The right to keep and bear arms is natural and inalienable; the Second Amendment protects it, and Congress has no legitimate power to restrict it.

Let’s be very, very clear: the Democrat Party is directly attacking the American way of life itself. They seek to seize the power to place citizens they don’t like on secret lists, and then use those lists as a way to brand citizens as “undesirables” who will be summarily stripped of their rights without recourse or appeal.

They seek nothing less than the raw, naked, arrogant and unconstitutional power to “other” their fellow citizens.

As McCarthy notes, they are not just targeting guns, but the Bill of Rights and the concepts of individual liberty at the heart of the Constitution and the American view of the world.

They’re attempting to create soviet America.

We declared our independence from people who thought the government should have the power to act this way 240 years ago, and fought a long war that was triggered by a government attempt to strip Americans of the right to bear arms.

The Democrat Party needs to check itself, and quickly.