Who Sold Felon Alton Sterling His Illegally-Acquired Gun?

Friends and family tell us that Alton Sterling was a great guy. That may well be the case, but he is also a convicted sex offender felon with a violent temper, who had six arrests for battery, two domestic violence charges, multiple illegal weapons charges, and who had fought with police over weapons before.


In 2009, the affidavit of probable cause contends that a police officer tried to pat down Sterling when Sterling resisted arrest, and the officer ended up “wrestling with the defendant on the ground” at which time a “black semi auto gun fell from his waistband.” The officer grabbed the back of Sterling’s shirt during the incident, and he was able to arrest him without further incident.

A felon with a rap sheet 46 pages long, Alton Sterling is hardly the innocent victim that the race-baiting, narrative-hungry media portrays him to be, and the weapon he had upon him at the time was clearly illegally possessed.

A friend of Alton Sterling says the Baton Rouge man bought a gun for protection only hours before he was shot to death by two white cops outside a convenience store.

“He didn’t have a gun before that,” barber Ronnie Harton, 50, told the Daily News. “He said he had to protect himself, because he had all this money on him. Around this area, you get robbed real quick.”

Sterling bought the weapon on Monday after hearing that another man selling CDs on the local streets was robbed. He died around 12:30 a.m. the next day.

Sterling was killed while armed and resisting arrest by two Baton Rouge police officers in an incident caught on camera from two different angles.

Despite claims by the less-educated members of the media that Sterling had been subdued when he was shot, you can clearly see that Sterling was fighting the two officers, attempting to buck the officer in the mount position off of him. The video also clearly shows that Sterling’s right arm was not controlled, and he was actively using it to try to fight when officers discovered that he had a gun on his front pocket on that same side.


Sterling was subsequently shot and killed.

hands up

Ironically, area residents protesting Sterling’s death carried hand-drawn “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” signs.

“Hands up, Don’t Shoot” is a cry from the Black Lives Matter movement referring to claims that strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown was shot and killed as he ran away with his hands up. It was later proven that Brown attacked Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson in Wilson’s marked police SUV, and then was shot and finally killed at point-blank range with a shot to the head as he charged Wilson in a murderous rage.

Those who knew Alton Sterling had to know of his extensive criminal record, and that he was prohibited from owning firearms.

It will be interesting to see where Sterling acquired his firearm, and if there will be arrests for the sale of an illegal gun to this convicted felon.

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