"We Need The Bearcat!" Audio Makes Clear Baton Rouge Police Shooting Was An Ambush

Four law enforcement officers were killed today and three others wounded in what was clearly an ambush of law enforcement officers by a radicalized African-American former Marine.* The terrorist associated with an anti-government organization call the “New Freedom Group,” which I’ve never heard of and can find no information about in a web search.

The suspect seems to have fire shots to draw officers to the scene, and ambushed them as they arrived.

According to radio traffic, the terrorist was armed with an “AR.” There is no confirmation of the firearm used by the terrorist at this time.

baton rouge offices running

Reports of multiple suspects are—like the Dallas police ambush—starting to sound like they may have been incorrect. Two “persons of interest” are in custody in West Baton Rouge, but there isn’t any concrete evidence of three shooters that we can determine at this time from the radio traffic, police statements,  or from any news accounts.


*Bearing Arms does not publish the names of mass killers or spree killers.