Democrats Own These Terrorist Attacks On Police And They're Only Going To Get Worse

Four suspects are now in police custody after a gun store burglary turned into a brief gunfight in Marietta, Georgia.

Four burglary suspects are in custody Tuesday morning and police said one of them opened fire at officers during a SWAT situation at a gun shop in Marietta.

Upon arrival, officers spotted several people inside and on top of the business. At that time, according to police, they were able to take two suspects into custody.

Officer Brittany Wallace told FOX 5 that as the scene progressed, someone from inside the gun shop began firing and that’s when police fired back.

“As far as we know, no one was struck and that third suspect has been taken into custody,” Officer Wallace said.


The fourth suspect hiding in the store was also later taken into custody.

marietta bearcat

The burglary turned shootout came exactly one week to the day after a group of criminals were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after having burglarized a pawn shop in an attempt to steal weapons and ammunition which they planned to use to attack police.

Seventeen-year-old Antonio Thomas was arrested at the shop after an “alert” Baton Rouge police officer responded, police said. The suspect was carrying a handgun and a BB pistol, Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie, Jr. said Tuesday.

That suspect told police the suspects were “looking for bullets” for the handguns in order to harm police officers in the Baton Rouge area, Dabadie said.

Surveillance footage showed the alleged burglars breaking into the pawn shop through the roof using a ladder, WAFB reports.

“We took this as a very viable threat,” Dabadie said.

Bridgewater was arrested at his home, and the juvenile was arrested Monday and charged with burglary and theft of a firearm, Baton Rouge police tell CBS News.

One of the suspects allegedly told police that the planned attack was in response to the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed by police on July 5, WAFB reports.

Alton Sterling was a serial felon with numerous arrests for violent crimes, including a previous arrest for fighting law enforcement officers for control of a gun. Police were called after a homeless man reported that Sterling had threatened him with a gun. When police arrived, Sterling refused to consent to a search, and after two attempts to use a taser on him failed, a pair of officers physically engaged him. In a struggle to take Sterling into custody, the presence of a gun in Sterling’s right front pocket was detected, and Sterling was warned to immediately comply or risk being shot.


Sterling responded by attempting to buck off the officer straddling him and reached in the direction of his illegally-acquired revolver, at which point he was shot and killed by officers.

marietta police

As they did in recounting the deaths of gun-dealing drug abuser and attempted murderer Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, and strong-arm robbery suspect and attempted cop-killer Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the mainstream media grossly distorted initial accounts of Sterling’s death, echoing unsubstantiated “eyewitness” accounts of locals who claimed that Alton Sterling was “in custody,” “under control,” and “executed” by police “for selling CDs.”

In reality, Sterling fought with police, they were never able to control his right arm because of the way he went down in front of a car (image below), and the career felon was killed because he reached towards his weapon. Unfortunately, the lies of Sterling being “executed” had flown around the world in a day before the second, higher resolution video from a better angle showed Sterling fighting with police for control of a revolver which the convicted sex offender and domestic abuser had illegally acquired just the night before.


It was this rushed misreporting on Alton Sterling’s death by the mainstream media that was seized upon by Black Lives Matter activists desperate to remain relevant, and it was the hate and misinformation they continue to spread that was responsible for the domestic terror attack on police by a Black Lives Matter supporter and disgraced Army veteran in Dallas which killed five officers.


dallas shooting

The lies by the media further distorted by Black Lives Matter about Sterling’s death also seems to have been the the triggering event for a number of smaller-scale attempted assassinations of police over the past two weeks around the nation. These domestic terror attacks culminated in an ambush of police officers in Baton Rouge this past Sunday morning by a racist black nationalist and former Nation of Islam member who drove from Kansas City, Missouri, to Baton Rouge in what appears to be an intentional “revenge” attack on the law enforcement agency that Black Lives Matter radicals claimed “executed” Sterling.

We don’t yet know if this gun store robbery in Marietta was just another street crime, or if it was another attempt by would-be domestic terrorists hoping to score weapons with which they could engage police in more ambushes and assassination attempts.

Sadly, we haven’t seen the last of the anti-police domestic terrorism orchestrated by intentional race-baiting in the mainstream media, further intentional distortions and exploitation by Black Lives Matter, and a vile Democrat Party that has been driving an anti-police narrative since President Obama first lashed out at the Cambridge (MA) Police Department for “acting stupidly” for arresting his arrogant and abusive friend, Henry Gates, in July of 2009, shortly after Obama office.



The War on Police is being led from the White House by Barack Obama himself. He colludes with race hucksters like Al Sharpton and Deray Mckesson, signals which side he’s on by sending Administration officials to the funerals of violent criminals (and not the funerals of law enforcement officers executed in anti-police attacks). His most recent public address—in Dallas, at a memorial for the officers murdered by a racist domestic terrorist—could have become a unifying moment.

It instead became a blame-shifting train wreck, where he attacked law-abiding citizens for the actions of one of his terrorist allies. Indeed, it is our fault.

We shouldn’t expect better from a President mentored by a bomb-building, America-hating terrorist like Bill Ayers, a man who named his child after a cop-killer Zayd Shakur.

hillary clinton

Sadly, it’s not likely to get any better if the Democrats win the White House in November.

Hillary Clinton and congressional Democrats are both on the side of the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group and are chomping at the bit to use attacks they’ve tacitly supported to undermine the Constitution.

Let’s be very, very clear: the Democrat Party is directly attacking the American way of life itself. They seek to seize the power to place citizens they don’t like on secret lists, and then use those lists as a way to brand citizens as “undesirables” who will be summarily stripped of their rights without recourse or appeal.

They seek nothing less than the raw, naked, arrogant and unconstitutional power to “other” their fellow citizens.

As McCarthy notes, they are not just targeting guns, but the Bill of Rights and the concepts of individual liberty at the heart of the Constitution and the American view of the world.

They’re attempting to create soviet America.

We declared our independence from people who thought the government should have the power to act this way 240 years ago, and fought a long war that was triggered by a government attempt to strip Americans of the right to bear arms.


We are entering one of the most dangerous periods in the 240 years of the American story, where the very concept of civility itself is under threat from a major political party, its allies in the media, and increasingly violent domestic terrorist allies.

Blood is on their hands, and we haven’t seen the last of it.

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