CNN Goes "Full Retard" Trying To Blame Baton Rouge Terrorist's Actions on PTSD

From the very beginning, CNN has been deeply invested in crafting the fictional narratives driving the Black Lives Matter movement. Now that domestic terrorists aligned with the movement have carried out murderous ambushes of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and at at least a half-dozen other cities in recent weeks, the cable news channel is clearly looking to provide a smokescreen for their political allies.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Joshua Berlinger are clearly desperate to exonerate Black Lives Matter, and have attempted to concoct a laughable defense of Black Lives Matter terrorism as they flippantly damn generations of honorable combat veterans.

G___ L___*, the man who shot six law enforcement officers Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — killing three — suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a source involved in the investigation told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Long joined the Marine Corps in 2005 and worked as a data network specialist, according to the U.S. military.

full retard

Ladies and gentlemen, this Black Lives Matter terrorist in Baton Rouge was a military computer geek. While he did serve a brief stint in Iraq, he never went on a single combat patrol, and never saw the horrors of war. Those who served would recognize him as a “fobbit.” He never saw anything remotely approaching combat.

What did he do in the Marines? This:

Cyber Network Operator is the latest term for what the Marine Corps formerly called data network specialists. These marines are responsible for the installation, configuration, and management of data network or cyber systems in both a stand-alone and client-server environments, including MS Exchange, Defense Message Systems, and other authorized data network systems.

There I was, configuring email systems. The things I’ve seen…

I’m not going to say Coumo and Berlinger are lying about their source, but let’s be honest: journalists can find anonymous sources and “experts” of dubious credibility to provide quotes to fit any predetermined narratives, something that CNN knows quite well.

After all, that’s how they generated the fiction that attempted cop killer Michael Brown was shot in the back running away, when he was shot in the hand attempting to kill Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with Wilson’s gun in an unprovoked attack, and who finally fell at Wilson’s feet with a shot to the top of his head as he was bull-rushing the officer.
CNN Newsroom-HandsUpDontShoot-Dec13-b

Here’s your reality check.

The Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist* who murdered three Baton Rouge police officers and wounded three more Sunday morning left behind an amazing body of work that revealed the inner workings of his mind in both video and print forms.

His Twitter feed routinely referenced and conversed with radical black nationalists and promoted violence against law enforcement. His YouTube channel is a stunning mix of New Age mumbo jumbo, paranoia, African supremacy rhetoric, and disdain for other races and for the police. He even published several bizarre self-help books.

The terrorists who stalked and killed Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers was clearly spurred on by reporting in the mainstream media that dishonestly asserted that Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling was “just selling CDs” when police officers attacked him as he “did nothing” and then “executed him for no reason.”

The emerging reality, of course, was that serial felon Sterling had threatened a homeless man with a handgun that he illegally acquired just the night before, and the Baton Rouge police responded to that homeless man’s call for help after he was threatened with that revolver from the 300+ pound Sterling. 24 hours after the “execution” narrative was pushed by cable and network television news channels that have made hundreds of millions of dollars pushing an anti-cop narrative, a high resolution video emerged that showed Sterling—a sex offender with a long history of arrests for violence and weapons charges—was struggling with officers when his gun was discovered, and that Sterling was shot after attempting to buck off an officer trying to control him while reaching towards the revolver in his right front pocket.

This apparent reality has been downplayed. Telling the truth instead of stoking the narrative with outrage doesn’t drive ratings and pay salaries.

Like the fictional narratives that an innocent Trayvon Martin was “stalked” by George Zimmerman, and that Michael Brown was shot in the back as he ran away with his hands up from Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the story of Alston Sterling being “executed” appears to be an abject lie.

None of that matters to a national news media drunk on the money they’re making selling the lie that law enforcement officers execute minorities merely because of the color of their skin. None of that matters to those viewers who already hate police and are simply looking for an excuse to commit violence against them.

CNN’s biased coverage helped create the Black Lives Matter movement. The cable news network made tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars selling dishonest racial narratives that divided a nation and targeted those who dedicate their lives to defending people of all races from crimes both petty and incredibly violent.

Chris Cuomo and Joshua Berlinger aren’t looking to find what drove these domestic terrorists. What drove them is self-evident.

All these CNN “journalists” are doing is providing coverage for their network, their political allies, and maybe blame-shift away any guilt they feel for helping create such monsters.

Asserting that PTSD is to blame—and slurring the good names of hundreds of thousands to millions of combat veterans who actually do suffer the effects of coping with the actual horrors of war beyond working with Microsoft products—is reprehensible, but not unexpected.

After all, “this is CNN.”


* Bearing Arms does not publish the names of mass or spree killers.