This New Deputy Body Cam Footage Hints At Horrors Of Orlando Massacre

Body camera footage from an Orange County (FL) sheriff’s deputy obtained by News 6 hints at the horrors waiting for officers after they finally breached the wall of Pulse nightclub three long hours after the Islamic terrorist attack began.

Body camera video released to News 6 Wednesday shows an Orange County sheriff’s deputy responding to the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Forty-nine people were slain and 53 others were injured in the June 12 mass shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando.

The video shows that deputies were prepared for an onslaught of victims but didn’t know where the gunman was located.

As deputies move into the club to rescue victims, something stops them in their tracks.

“Back up, back up, back up! Back up behind (unintelligible),” a deputy said.

A new plan is then devised.

“Everybody slow down. One person push the stretcher. Two people (are needed) grab people to put on the stretcher,” a deputy said.

The video also shows a deputy frantically trying to change his bloody gloves. He’s seen running back to the club yelling for those inside to get out.

The law enforcement response to Orlando was an absolute disaster from beginning to end, a failure of leadership, tactics, and training.

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Instead of pressing forward as the Hillary Clinton-supporting terrorist continued to take lives and victim after victim slowly succumbed to their injuries while on the phone with dispatchers, a SWAT commander and police chief clearly out of their depth ignored both the most common active shooter protocols and those developed worldwide in the wake of Beslan, Mumbai, and Nairobi. They instead “negotiated” with a terrorist who was merely stalling for time to kill more victims and better fortify his position, even as they had victims literally dying on the phone, crying for help from dispatchers.

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It’s my sincere desire that other agencies will learn from the obvious law enforcement failures in Orlando and focus on getting both SWAT and patrol officers better trained to aggressively deal with active shooters and put them down as quickly as possible.