Mothers of 3 Attempted Murderers Champion Clinton In Philly

The official theme of tonight’s Democrat National Convention is “A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families.”

In reality, however, the common thread between the “Mothers of a Movement” representing Hillary Clinton might be better represented by a classic rock song.


The “Mothers of a Movement” embraced by the Clinton campaign include three violent criminals shot and killed while attempting to murder people (two of them law enforcement officers), the mother of a woman who committed suicide in jail because her family wouldn’t post bail, the mother of a grossly obese scofflaw who had a heart attack after resisting arrest, and another mother who routinely lies about the role of “stand your ground” laws in her son’s death.

The “Mothers of the Movement” — mothers whose unarmed African-American children have been killed by law enforcement or due to gun violence — will speak about why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to lead the country, at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night.

“She’s been dealing with these kind of systematic issues all along, so her records speak for itself. So she didn’t just join the game. She’s been doing the work already she’s been in the trenches, so she understands dynamically the way to move forward to be able to change this,” said Lucy McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

The 17-year-old was killed after Michael Dunn shot into an SUV full of Davis and his friends at a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station following an argument over loud music from the teens’ vehicle.


The “Mothers of a Movement” embraced by an overtly pro-criminal Clinton campaign include:

  • Geneva Reed-Veal: Mother of Sandra Bland, the Black Lives Matter activist accused of kicking a police officer during a traffic stop, who committed suicide after several days in jail after her family refused to post bail.
  • Gwen Carr: Mother of Eric Garner, the grossly obese New York man who suffered a heart attack and died while resisting arrest. Despite claims the was choked to death in popular media, there was no physical damage to his throat.
  • Lucia McBath: Mother of Jordan Davis, a young man murdered in Florida over a loud car stereo. McBath serially lies about “stand your ground” laws (which played no role in her son’s death) as a Moms Demand Action activist.
  • Maria Hamilton: Her son Dontre Hamilton attacked Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney and was fatally shot for attempting to beat the officer to death. Manney was found to be justified, and was forced to take disability.
  •  Sybrina Fulton: Mother of drug-abusing, thieving, illegal gun dealing street thug Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed with a single shot after he attacked neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman and attempted to beat him to death.

Curiously, Clinton won’t list the most infamous member of the group on her campaign site, possibly because she’s a violent criminal herself who avoided armed robbery charges only out of political expediency.

  • Lezley McSpadden: mother of infamous attempted cop-killer Michael Brown, will be among the featured speakers. Brown was a strongarm robbery suspect who twice attempted to killer Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  Brown attacked Wilson in vehicle and attempted to take the officer’s gun, and only momentarily retreated when shot in the hand struggling for control of the weapon. Brown began to run away, but wheeled around and charged Officer Wilson when Wilson shouted for him to halt. Wilson fired a flurry of shots—all to Brown’s front—the final two shots striking Brown in the head as he bull-rushed Wilson. Brown fell at Wilson’s feet.McSpadden and her surviving violent kin attacked memorabilia vendors (including Michael Brown Sr.’s mother-in-law) selling “I am Mike Brown” merchandise, stealing cash and merchandise and sending one person to the hospital in a violent attack. Part of McSpadden’s raiding party was her violent-ex-con husband Louis Head, who screamed “burn this b*tch down!” and incited the rioting in Ferguson when Officer Wilson was deemed justified in defending his life against McSpadden’s violent criminal son.

It’s often been said that you can tell a lot about about a person based on the character of their company.

It should hardly surprise any of us that a candidate who has (at least momentarily) avoided federal felony charges herself surrounds herself with the family members of other criminals.

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