Shooting The Internal Affairs Detective Isn't Going To Help Your Case, Officer

And 18-year Indianapolis Police Department veteran officer allegedly committed domestic violence against his estranged wife last night, and then fled the scene. An internal affairs detective with the Special Investigations Unit went to investigate the case two hours later, and then the IMPD officer returned and things went rapidly downhill from there.


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says an off-duty officer shot an on-duty detective Friday night on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m. IMPD officer were dispatched to the scene in the 6700 block of Valley Brook Way, near East Southport Road and Emerson Avenue. They were dispatched on reports of domestic violence between an off-duty IMPD officer and his estranged wife. When police arrived the suspect was not on-scene.

A detective with IMPD was then called to the scene around 10:30 p.m.

The detective is with the Special Investigations Unit, who is responsible for investigating criminal allegations against IMPD officers and other Public Safety officials. During the course of his investigation the suspect returned and opened fire.

IMPD said the officer shot the detective. The detective, wearing plain clothes, returned fire but missed.


The officer-turned-suspect fled the scene in his personal vehicle, and was later apprehended in Cincinnati without further incident.

The detective was injured in his arm and back, but is in good condition.

The estranged wife and children in the home were not physically harmed during the shooting.

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