Parents Claims Black Lives Matter Pushed Their Kids Into Sniper Attack On Cops

The parents of two teens arrested in a sniper attack on Columbia, (PA) police are blaming Black Lives Matter for goading people like their dim-witted sons into a war on police.

The parents of two boys who are behind bars after they opened fire on a group of police officers have blamed blaming Black Lives Matter for the teenagers’ actions.

Marquell Rentas, 17, and and his cousin Trenton Nace, 18, were arrested on Friday after officers in the borough of Columbia, Pennsylvania came under fire for 45 minutes when they responded to an emergency call from someone who said that had heard gunshots.

No officers were shot or injured in the attack.

Police were able to eventually gain access to the house and arrest the teenagers, with court papers claiming that Marquell told the men: ‘I’m the one who did it, I’m the one who shot. My cousin didn’t do it.’

He later said while being loaded into a police cruiser: ‘I ain’t no p***y, I was shooting at you. F*** you, police.’

Now, Marquell’s mother and Trenton’s father are both saying in separate interviews that this is the fault of a movement that they claim wants people to  hurt law enforcement officials.

‘They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops,’ said Marquell’s mother Luz Rentas and Trenton’s father Roberto Rentas in a joint statement.

‘The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they’re gonna pay for it.’

Black Lives Matter organizers are attempting to downplay the claims of the parents, but are running into to indisputable fact that their rallies and protests have a long history of pronounced and heavily documented animosity towards law enforcement.

Chants of “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and “dead cops now” have permeated the movement from its founding and still continue today.

Prominent Black Lives Matter leaders have been charged with making terrorist threats against law enforcement officers and have made calls to “kill crackers.”

Black Lives Matter supporters serially make both open and veiled threats against law enforcement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Korryn Gaines, shot by police on Monday after a nearly seven-hour standoff  after using her son as a child hostage and human shield, used Instagram to allude to the shootout she planned a week before officers were dispatched to bring her in on a warrant.

Domestic terrorists affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement have carried out more than a dozen ambushes of law enforcement officers in recent months, with the two deadliest attacks being the Dallas Police shooting (for which we have a newly-released attack timeline) and another attack in Baton Rouge.

The sniper ambush by Rentas and Nance was thankfully entirely incompetent. No officers were hit in their 45-minute attempted murder spree.