Prosecutor Asserts Gun May Be At Fault For Negligent Discharge, Not His Stupidity

Madison County (IN) Prosecutor Rodney Cummings was carrying a 9mm pistol in his pocket without a holster when he fired a shot into the floor of the Texas Roadhouse in Anderson, Indiana.


Like so many who create negligent discharges through a series of bad choices, Cummings didn’t want to take full blame for his actions, and while he admitted he should have been carrying the semi-automatic pistol in a pocket holster, he said he was sending the gun to a gunsmith to make sure there were no “mechanical problems.”

Police said the discharge was accidental. No patrons dining at the time were injured, Sandefur said. He added that there will be no further investigation.

“There is no reason to follow up in this because we know all of the facts about this,” Sandefur said. “Everything is known to us. There is no dispute about what happened.

According to The Associated Press, Cummings said he’s had the gun for only a couple of weeks but has carried a firearm for 36 years as both a prosecutor and a police officer.

Cummings said he plans to have the gun examined to ensure there are no mechanical problems.


There was not a “mechanical problem” with that pistol Mr. Prosecutor. It fired just as soon as you pressed the trigger, as it was designed to do.

What is less clear is why someone with 36 years in law enforcement thought he could get away wit carrying a “pocket nine” without using a holster to protect the trigger.

Maybe if I did something that boneheaded, I’d want to find an excuse too.

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