Two Years After His Death, Mike Brown's Supporters Have Learned Nothing

Two years ago today, a strongarm robbery suspect named Michael Brown was approached by Ferguson (MO) Police officer Darren Wilson in his marked police SUV. Brown immediately attacked officer Wilson in his vehicle, and fought Wilson for control of his .40 S&W-caliber Sig Sauer P229. Wilson finally managed to turn the gun towards, Brown and fired a single shot that injured Brown’s left hand.


Brown began to flee the scene, but stopped when Officer Wilson left his vehicle and shouted for him to surrender. Blood spatter evidence from Brown’s bleeding hand showed that Brown turned and then charged at Wilson, a fact corroborated by numerous witnesses.

Wilson opened fire on the charging Brown, a hulking 18-year-old the size of an NFL lineman. Wilson hit Brown multiple times as the violent criminal charged him, with the final shot coming to the top of Brown’s head from just feet away as the bull-rushing Brown had his head down about to tackle Wilson.


Both state and federal investigations came to the same conclusion that the shooting of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson was completely justified, but it didn’t matter.

CNN Newsroom-HandsUpDontShoot-Dec13-b

The abject lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” had already been accepted and trumpeted by nearly every mainstream media outlet, not one of which has publicly apologized for selling the lie that Mike Brown was a victim instead of an attempted cop-killer.

To this day the Democrat Party enthusiastically embraces the lie of Mike Brown and his family, and Hillary Clinton included Brown’s mother—herself accused of a violent armed robbery—in the 2016 Democrat National Convention.

clinton mcspadden

Amazingly—or maybe not—supporters of the Black Lives Matter matter movement is still continuing to lie about the Brown’s death, and are attempting to remember him today on social media as a martyr instead of the violent, drug-fueled criminal that he was at the time of his death.


Of course, those claims were lies, as shown in the Justice Department report (PDF), are lies. “Big Mike” was not a teddy bear nor a victim, but a violent criminal cut down as he attempted to charge a police officer he’d tried to shoot with the officer’s gun only minutes before.

Other people on Twitter were stunned by the fact-free fantasy world inhabited by Brown supporters.


It’s a shame that Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media refuse to address the reality of what actually occurred two years ago today in front of a half-dozen eyewitnesses.

Michael Brown was a violent criminal removed from this world as he tried to become a cop killer, and he should be a hero to no one.

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