The "Deaf Man Executed By Cop" Narrative Is a Lie. Here's the Proof.

This is Daniel Harris.

Harris was shot and killed in a residential Charlotte, NC neighborhood by NC State Trooper Jermaine Saunders after emerging from his vehicle Thursday evening.


If you follow the mainstream media, you are being led to believe that Mr. Harris, who is deaf, did not see Trooper Saunders patrol vehicle with flashing lights behind him, and that when Harris innocently emerged from his vehicle, he attempted to use sign language and was shot down by Trooper Saunders for trying to communicate.

This narrative being spread on social media due to dishonest narrative crafting by the mainstream media is an abject lie, and we have the proof

That is, after all, the narrative that is being crafted on the fly by a news media far less interested in the facts of the case than they are in crafting a narrative which will stoke outrage, draw viewers, sell newspapers, and get clicks online.

I’m “hear” to tell you ladies and gentlemen, that much of what you’re being sold by the narrative-fabrication industry simply does not align with the known facts of the case. Instead of a callous law enforcement officer gunning down an unwitting disabled citizen for merely attempting to use sign language, the known facts of the case assure us that something far different occurred, even if we don’t know precisely what did happen due to the on-going investigation.

Here are the facts.

This was not an innocuous failure to stop or a short pursuit

Various news sources would have you believe that since Harris was deaf, that he was completely unaware of the state trooper behind him attempting to pull him over for speeding. It’s implied that Harris was followed by Trooper Saunders for only a short distance, and that he was unaware of the Trooper until he stopped.


Despite amusing idiocy spread on social media last night, Daniel Harris was not blind and deaf.

derpDaniel Harris was merely deaf. He could see just fine, and because of his deafness, relied even more on his other senses, especially sight.

Trooper Saunders first attempted to stop Daniel Harris for speeding on I-485 near the N. Tryon Road interchange. When a law enforcement officer attempts to make a traffic stop, the very first thing that he activates are his lights.


This is what a marked North Carolina State Trooper’s car looks like from the front. The high beams alternately flash, and the light bar is nearly blinding in intensity, day or night. North Carolina State Troopers also use a number of slightly more subtle unmarked cars, but once they hit their lights, they are also easy to see in your rearview mirror.

I’ve seen numerous people pulled over here in NC by State Troopers with both marked and unmarked cars, and will tell you from experience that Troopers hit their lights first, and only “bump” their sirens the first time if you don’t immediately pull over. The majority of cars I’ve seen pulled over in North Carolina are pulled over based on the activation of police lights alone, as the bright light bars, headlights, and grill lights flashing in your side and interior mirrors immediately gets your attention.


He would have noticed that he was being pulled over because of the Trooper’s bright flashing lights within a matter of yards.

Daniel Kevin Harris was deaf, not blind.

But Daniel Harris didn’t stop in I-485 near N. Tryon Road when he noticed Trooper Saunders was following him. He instead led Saunders on chase that went for approximately 7.5 miles down I-485, down the off ramp onto Rocky River Road, and the went another mile before Daniel Harris finally stopped on Seven Oaks Drive.

harris chase

Both cars suffered damage in the pursuit

Underreported in most of the narrative crafting about the incident is the fact that both vehicles were heavily damaged during the pursuit.

Trooper Saunder’s vehicle was reported to be “smoking really bad” near the end of the chase by an eyewitness who lives on Seven Oaks Drive.

daniel harris 2

We do not yet know why or precisely where the vehicles collided prior to their final destination on Seven Oaks Drive, but we can see the damage to Mr. Harris’s car that may indicate just how desperate he was to escape Trooper Saunders.

daniel harris car

The front bumper of Harris’s Volvo is significantly damaged.  The right front tire is entirely gone; the vehicle is riding on the steel wheel.

Desperate… And violent?

Daniel Harris clearly knew he was being pursued, and the extensive damage on his vehicle suggests that he was desperate to keep going as long as he could to get home. He never got there, being shot and killed with a single shot in the middle of the street near his home.


There has been a significant amount of speculation that Daniel Harris was shot while attempting to communicate with Trooper Saunders via sign language.

There is literally zero evidence, from Trooper Saunders or any eyewitness accounts, to support that claim.

Let me make this 100-percent crystal clear: there is no evidence at all that Daniel Harris attempted to communicate with Trooper Saunders via sign language. Those making that claim are manufacturing evidence that does not exist.

Yes, Shaun King of the New York Daily News, I’m looking directly at you.

The timeline for the shooting is based on a single eyewitness who has given conflicting accounts

Numerous news outlets are claiming that Daniel Harris was shot and killed as soon as he emerged from his vehicle. Every single news account making that claim comes back to a single eyewitness in the Seven Oaks Drive neighborhood, Mark Barringer.

“I was here in my driveway and I saw the highway patrol car come through and it was smoking really bad,” said Mark Barringer. “About 10 seconds later, I heard one gunshot.”

That is what Barringer is saying this week, but it isn’t what he said last week:

“The Highway Patrol car came down across here,” neighbor Mark Barringer told the station. “He was kind of smoking real bad, and then he stopped over here, and then a few minutes later, I heard a gunshot. I saw a body on the street, and it looked like he was dead.”


Was it ten seconds, or a few minutes? We frankly don’t know. What we do know is that the only eyewitness who is talking to the media, Mark Barringer, is highly unreliable, and that in order to craft a narrative of excessive force by a law enforcement officer, the mainstream media is selectively using his more recent statement, without noting his original statement, or that those two conflicting statements render him an unreliable source.

The State Bureau of Investigation is taking the lead in the investigation to discover why Trooper Jermaine Saunders fired a single shot that fatally killed Daniel Harris after a significant pursuit of approximately 7.5 miles in which both vehicles sustained heavy damage that left on car without a tire and the other one heavily smoking. There may be dash cameras and body cameras from the vehicle of Trooper Saunders, and possible footage of the immediate aftermath of the incident as Charlotte-Mecklenburg closed in on the pursuit.

The formal results of the investigation are expected to be announced within 90 days, and it is at that time we’ll have a much greater understanding of what took place in this incident.

All we really know for certain right now is that narrative being crafted of Harris as a innocent victim of a murderous cop shot for attempting to use sign language is entirely made up by anti-police agitators masquerading as journalists


Quite frankly, these “journalists” should be terminated immediately for manufacturing a lie even more impossible than the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative in Ferguson.

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