Reality TV Rape Suspect Will Hayden Looks Like Hell In Jail

Reality television personality Will Hayden, formerly the star of Discovery’s “Sons of Guns” before being arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape of minors in his own family, was expected to begin trial this week in East Baton Rouge Parish, but a district court judge has postponed the trial until December.


The rape trial in Baton Rouge of former “Sons of Guns” reality TV personality and ex-Red Jacket Firearms owner Will Hayden has been pushed back to December.

Hayden, 51, was scheduled to stand trial this week on two counts of aggravated rape and a single count of forcible rape. He also faces sex charges in Livingston Parish, including an aggravated rape count.

Hayden, of Greenwell Springs, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

State District Judge Mike Erwin recently postponed the East Baton Rouge Parish trial at the request of Hayden’s attorney, Bo Rougeou, who cited a scheduling conflict. Prosecutors did not object to the trial delay.

Also, both sides are working out the logistics of having a 14-year-old prosecution witness, an alleged rape victim, testify outside the presence of the jury via closed-circuit television.

Hayden’s new trial date in Baton Rouge is Dec. 12.

In addition to the 14-year-old rape victim, Hayden has been accused by his daughter, fellow former “Sons of Guns” star Stephanie Hayden-Ford, of molesting her when she was a child.


Stephanie Hayden Ford has stepped forward to accuse her father Will Hayden of rape.

Hayden-Ford and her husband face their own child abuse charges for how they disciplined Hayden-Ford’s child from a previous relationship.

“Sons of Guns” was a popular show on Discovery before the allegations against Hayden caused the show to immediately be shut down.

Hayden played the role of the boss of Red Jacket Firearms on the television show, but was not the actual FFL (federal firearms license) holder for the company.


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