IT'S BAAAAACK! NSSF Announces Two More Fantasy Camps With Pro Shooters

Earlier this year I was very fortunate to be invited to the first ever fantasy camp for shooters sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The event was incredible, as shooters of every experience level came together and got a chance to see what it was like to shoot steel with some of the very best shooters in the world.


I was thrilled by the experience, made some friends, and generally had a great time. So did everyone else who attended, seemingly without exception.

The response was so great for the event—and the waiting list of applicants was so long—that the NSSF is now offering a “double header” for the second and third NSSF Fantasy Camps in October.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its 2016 Fall Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp.

The NSSF 2016 Fall Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp will take place at the world class United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two date options will be offered:

NSSF has lined up seven of our country’s top professional shooters for this premier event, including the first family of shooting, Jerry & Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek-Afentul, world class professional shooter, Bruce Piatt, 3-Gun pro couple Dianna and Ryan Muller and Top Shot Season 4 winner Chris Cheng. In addition to learning from today’s best shots, you’ll also be provided all meals, hotel accommodations, a swag bag full of premium shooting gear and more! You will need to provide your own travel arrangements and the camp registration fee of $3,495.


While no fantasy camp for any sport is “cheap”—they’re called fantasy camps for a reason—what separates a good fantasy camp from a great one is the value you receive for what you put into it.

New shooter Deb shoots a stage at the Las Vegas NSSF Fantasy Camp with professional 3-gun shooter & coach Ryan Miller at her side.

If three-gun, IDPA, ISPC and other shooting sports are the passion that drive you, few things are more thrilling that shooting with some of the true legends of the sport. Jerry and Kay Miculek were great at the inaugural camp, and now their incredibly talented daughter, Lena Miculek-Afentul, is joining them for the Tulsa Tango and Tulsa Sierra classes, along with returning coaches and three-gun competitors Dianna and Ryan Muller, all of whom are a joy to be around both on and off the range. Bruce Piatt and Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng are also joining as coaches, which should be a huge thrill.

Bearing Arms Editor Jenn Jacques
Bearing Arms Editor Jenn Jacques

There is also a rumor that a certain Bearing Arms editor may also making the trip to Tulsa for NSS Fantasy Camp Tulsa Sierra, but keep that under your hat for now.


Registration is open at the links above, so if shooting steel and being personally coached by some of the legends of our sport is a “bucket list” item you need to check off, please do so today, as these slots tend to fill up very fast, and being on the waiting list for the next one is agony.

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