This State Attorney General Is Straight-Up Deranged

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is attempting to craft a reputation among her fellow Democrats as being tough on guns, but her efforts aren’t going the way she probably intended.


In June she attempted to reclassify most firearms as illegal “assault weapons” through an ignorantly crafted law that drew mockery, scorn, and a rebuke from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Now she’s once again made a fool out of her state and herself by launching “investigations” into Glock and Remington that far exceed her authority, and amount to attempts to intimidate gun companies by a politician clearly drunk on her own perceived power.

Attorney General Maura Healey has launched a sweeping investigation into possible safety problems involving guns manufactured by at least two major companies, Remington and Glock, according to lawsuits filed by both firms, which are fighting Healey’s efforts.

The lawsuits reveal that this year, Healey invoked her powers under the state’s consumer protection law to demand that both companies turn over a wide range of documents, including safety-related complaints from customers and the companies’ responses.

Surprising no one, Healey’s arrogant bullying is steeped in her own ignorance.

While the article doesn’t explain what grounds Healey has stated for her “investigation” into Remington, her is her flimsy excuse for harassing Glock.

In her newly disclosed legal action, Healey argues Glock firearms are “prone to accidental discharge” and makes clear in court papers that she is concerned the company may have been warned about the problem and failed to act.

Responding to Glock’s lawsuit, she referenced news stories about a sheriff’s deputy accidentally firing a Glock pistol in San Francisco’s Hall of Justice, a Los Angeles police officer who was paralyzed from the waist down after his 3-year-old son accidentally fired his Glock pistol, and a Massachusetts man who was dancing at a July 4th party when his Glock handgun fired while it was in his pocket.


None of these incidents were accidental discharges, nor were they the result of design defects.

The idiot in San Francisco picked up a loaded handgun, pointed it in the direction of another deputy as a “joke,” and pulled the freaking trigger. That isn’t an accidental discharge. It was assault with a deadly weapon.

LAPD Officer Enrique Herrera Chavez negligently left his gun in the back seat of hist truck in the reach of a three-year-old. This was, again, an incredibly stupid decision by a law enforcement officer who acted against every rule of gun safety, common sense, department policy, and good parenting, but the gun was not at fault at all. It functioned exactly as designed, and fired when the child pulled the trigger.

Kiel Helenese—who is from Stratford, Connecticut, despite the false claim he is “a Massachusetts man”—was drunk-carrying a G26 in his front pocket without a holster when he depressed the trigger and a round went off as it was designed to do. Again, this was not a design defect. This was human stupidity, in all three instances.

You don’t have to be a gun expert to be able to tell the difference between bad decisions and design defects. When a person pulls the trigger of a firearm and it goes off, that isn’t a “defect.” That’s a firearm working exactly as it was designed to function.


This, like her absurd attack on guns she arbitrarily redesignated “assault weapons” based on her persona whims, is nothing more or less than an attempt by Maura Healey to try to intimidate gun companies.

Both of these incidents should spur calls for an investigation into this rogue Attorney General’s abuse of power, and perhaps lead to her impeachment from office.

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