Guess Who The NRA Just Endorsed Over A SEAL For MO Governor?

While progressives are co-opting the Democrat Party and attempting to claim that anyone that doesn’t support radical gun control isn’t a “real” Democrat, the fact remains that support for gun rights is a bipartisan concern for those of us who live outside of Washington D.C.

One of those pro-gun Democrats,  Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, just picked up a key endorsement from the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund in his race to become the next governor of Missouri.

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund on Tuesday endorsed Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

In its endorsement, the group praised Koster’s position on Second Amendment rights.

“On behalf of the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, I am pleased to announce your  ‘A’ rating and endorsement for Governor in the 2016 Missouri General Election,” wrote the super-PAC’s chairman, Chris Cox.

“I thank you for never wavering from your Second Amendment beliefs. As you know, your long and distinguished Second Amendment record is greatly appreciated by your fellow NRA members in Missouri and the United States of America,” he added.

Koster welcomed the endorsement and further pledged to defend the Second Amendment as governor.

“I am pleased to receive the endorsement of the NRA,” he wrote in a statement.

The endorsement had to come as a disappointment to Koster’s pro-gun, retired SEAL opponent, Eric Greitens, who is running as a Republican and is a strongly pro-gun candidate himself, as his famous minigun campaign and makes clear.

In the end, the NRA PVF went with Koster’s proven record over Greitens promises, which is an easy decision to make.

It was amusing to watch reliably left-wing reporters express shock over the NRA siding with a Democrat, as the NRA has a lengthy history of supporting the best pro-gun candidate in races regardless of political party.

The media’s selective amnesia seems to forget that gun rights have generally been supported by voters in both parties, and that Hillary Clinton’s campaign to guy the Second Amendment and brand the NRA as her “enemy” is very radical position, deeply out of step with both more traditional Democrats and Republicans.