Lil Wayne Wakes Up To Police With Drawn Weapons In His Home As He Is SWATted A 2nd Time

One the most successful recording artists of all time woke up with armed police inside his home last week, the victim of a faked 911 call that said an unknown man had been shot and was bleeding inside the hip-hop star’s home.

Lil Wayne has reportedly fallen victim to yet another swatting prank and the rapper is far from pleased.

The latest incident of swatting — where an anonymous person calls the police with a false emergency report that results in the victim’s home getting raided — reportedly took place last week at Wayne’s Miami Beach home.

According to TMZ, the person responsible for the fake 911 call informed authorities that an unknown man was shot and bleeding at the musician’s residence.

Lil Wayne was sleeping when authorities entered his home a little before 3 P.M. through an unlocked garage door.

A likely frazzled Lil Wayne was cooperative with authorities at first, but later declared “I’m tired of this shit…take me to jail.” As a result, he was handcuffed and later released when the man who was allegedly shot was not found.

Despite expressing his displeasure earlier on, Wayne reportedly informed officers that he understood they were just doing their job.


This was not the first time Lil Wayne—real name, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.—has been SWATted.

He was first SWATted on March 11 of last year, when a caller falsely claimed that four people had been shot at his home.

While the incident was described as a “prank,” SWATting calls are anything but light-hearted fun. The intent of a SWATting call is to mislead law enforcement into thinking that there is an active armed threat in order to draw a heavily armed police response, in the hopes that the surprised victim of the call will manage to get shot by police.

It is an attempt to get someone shot by police, and should be viewed as attempted homicide.

The death of John Crawford III in a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart was a grossly exaggerated 911 call that was akin to a SWAtting, and an Oklahoma police chief was shot by a homeowner last year in another SWATting call.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), a radical gun control group founded by the Methodist Church, has repeatedly called on their followers to SWAT gun owners, though they have thus far been unsuccessful in their apparent goal of getting getting law-abiding gun owners shot by misleading police into thinking there is a threat.

SWATting is not joke. It is an attempt to use the police as a weapon against innocent people.

This cannot be tolerated, and those who making SWATing calls should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.