British Intimidated By, Jealous Of What Americans Have In Their Pants

An Englishman named Neelan Tailor is getting the vapors because he discovered that citizens of a free country who haven’t cravenly given away their natural right of armed self-defense sometimes post pictures of their “everyday carry” items to the Internet.


Without knowing anything about the individuals who have posted to the subreddit, or the process of obtaining concealed carry permits in the United States (concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding citizens in the nation), Tailor has haughtily decided that all of these people should be fired.

It turns out there’s a subreddit called Everyday Carry (EDC), which is home to loads of trigger-happy people (mainly from the U.S) who empty their pockets and show the world what interesting items they carry day to day.

Until you scroll through, it’s hard to believe the number of ‘normal’ people with standard jobs who just happen to have a couple of knives and a handgun in their pockets.

There are so many posts to look at, but here are a few people that I would definitely ‘fire’ if they worked for me…

Tailor attacks a school principal who pocket-carries a small .380 in a pocket holster when he’s not on campus, a software developer who carries both a primary handgun and a small BUG (back-up gun), and—get this—an EMT that doesn’t carry anything more than a regular, garden-variety pocket knife.


emt edc

I know that the many English cities and towns lost an entire generation of brave young men during the First World War due to the folly of sending pals battalions marching across No Man’s Land into withering German heavy machine gun fire.

What we didn’t realize then, and are seeing now, is that those too cowardly or weak to fight were left to breed, and these “men without chests” (as C.S. Lewis referred to them) were the ones left to have succeeding generations of children with diluted morals and craven spirits.

stab proof knive

Folks, we’re looking at a nation so beat-down and craven that they redesigned their kitchen cutlery out of fear. Is it really surprising that they’re terrified by—and in many instances, jealous of—a nation where men and women are still self-reliant?


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