Trial Starts For Second Man Who Attempted To Kill George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin tried beat George Zimmerman to death and it didn’t turn out very well for him.

Now Matthew Apperson’s trial is starting for attempting to gun down Zimmerman, and failing.

A trial is starting this week for a Florida man accused of shooting at former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in a road-rage case.

Testimony begins Tuesday in Matthew Apperson’s attempted second-degree murder trial. Authorities say he shot at Zimmerman during a traffic incident last year.

Zimmerman told officers he had been driving in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary when Apperson got behind his truck, yelled and fired a gun at his car a short time later, leaving a bullet hole in a window.

A police report says Apperson had a fixation on Zimmerman.

The spin from the media is this case is just as dishonest and outrageous as it was leading up to Zimmerman’s politically-driven show trial.

One Florida news outlet that was one of those who portrayed Martin as a cherubic child instead of a stolen gun trafficking, street-fighting, hoodlum has chosen to minimize the trial as one for “shooting Zimmerman’s truck.” Perhaps they’re feeling a degree of guilt for painting a target on Zimmerman’s back.

Associated Press reporter Terrance Harris is likewise dishonest, asserting that this was a road-rage case.

In reality, Apperson was obsessed with Zimmerman, thanks largely to the biased media coverage which demonizes him to this day. Apperson and others have stalked Zimmerman, and then allegedly attempted to murder him, thanks to this villainization of Zimmerman as someone who “stalked” Martin, and then “murdered” an “innocent” Trayvon Martin.


George Zimmerman has a laundry list of quirks, poor taste, and a penchant for bad decision making. One thing he clearly wasn’t the night he was attacked by Trayvon Martin was a man looking for a fight. Zimmerman was going to a MMA gym at the time, and was acutely aware of just how unready he was for any kind of physical confrontation, a fact that the gym owner made clear in Zimmerman’s trial. They wouldn’t even let Zimmerman suit up in heavy pads and spar with an opponent for fear of him being injured. Martin, however, had been in a street fight that very day and had beaten another boy down, and was upset that he didn’t make him bleed more.


The Zimmerman villainization and trial was birth of Black Lives Matter, a political movement that seeks to harness, normalize and justify the violent “thug culture” lifestyle, which only really took off after Michael Brown was shot attempting to murder Ferguson (MO) police officer Darren Wilson.

Zimmerman himself can’t seem to stay out the media, whether it’s because he stopped to help accident victims when other people simply drove by, or because nutjobs like Apperson and his most recent attacker are simple-minded fools who were suckered into believing a narrative that bears no resemblance to reality.

* * *

George Zimmerman didn’t set out to do anything special the night of February 26, 2012. He was going to the grocery store to pick up stuff to make his lunch for the following work week, when he saw a figure looking in the window of a unit in his community he knew had been recently robbed. He called the Sanford police, and did the best he could to give responding police a description of and directions to this suspicious individual. Martin, a suspected serial burglar, ran. He quickly lost the out-of-shape Zimmerman. Zimmerman talked to police after Martin disappeared for more than four minutes, then began walking back to his truck when Martin came up from behind him and launched his brutal attack.

Use-of-force expert Dennis Root testified at the trial that Zimmerman had no chance against the younger, stronger, much more aggressive street fighter Martin, who was in a top-mount position raining down blows on Zimmerman. Zimmerman covered up the best he could, trying to defend himself, and screamed for help that his neighbors didn’t provide. The beating went on for 40 seconds, and towards the end of the attack, Martin attempted to smash Zimmerman’s head against a concrete sidewalk.

That was assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder by Trayvon Martin. All because he didn’t like being followed.

George Zimmerman did what he felt he had to do to survive, and has been portrayed as a monster by the media ever since for not letting a violent predatory criminal named Trayvon Martin beat him to death.

Matthew Apperson is one of innumerable freaks seemingly obsessed with George Zimmerman, who seek to validate their own pathetic lives by attacking a man they tried and convicted in the media long before he was charged in a politically-motivated show trial by failed prosecutor Angela Corey.

I don’t think George Zimmerman is a particularly good guy. I find the numerous domestic abuse allegations against him by women of questionable integrity to be concerning, and he clearly seems to relish in his infamy at times.

He is not a murderer, however, and he doesn’t deserve the kind of hate he receives from a vengeful and petty national media that decided he would make perfect whipping boy and scapegoat to excuse the formation of a radical anti-police movement in this nation which attacks the very idea of civility itself.

Regardless of how Matthew Apperson’s trial for the attempted murder of George Zimmerman concludes, I suspect there will be another fame-seeking nutjob lurking in the wings, looking to take another crack at George Zimmerman. Maybe he will succeed. Maybe he will fail. But he (or she) will come, as the media sounds their dog whistles, signalling that attacking Zimmerman is fair game and a socially-acceptable target.

It’s almost certain that any future blood spilled involving George Zimmerman is the direct result of the media deciding that he should be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

They gave him a death sentence, and they’ve been trying to goad the public into carrying it out ever since.