Terence Crutcher Was Not Shot With His Hands Up. Here's the Definitive Proof.

Numerous media organizations that should know better, from Sky News, to Reuters, to NPR, are claiming that white Tulsa (OK) Police Department officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher standing in the road with his hands up.


That is a demonstrable lie, as proven with simple screen captures from video footage from the police helicopter circling overhead.


In the photo above, Crutcher, wearing a white shirt and tan pants, can be seen walking away from Officer Betty Shelby. His hands are clearly raised… at this precise moment.


Unfortunately for all concerned, Crutcher does not obey lawful commands to freeze, and walks back to his vehicle.


As shown above, Crutcher walks to the driver’s side door, and his right hand is still clearly raised. His left hand is still up as well, but blends into the dark color of the windows.


As Mr. Crutcher squares up with the driver’s side door of his vehicle straddling the centerline of the road, his hands are still raised.

But they don’t stay there.


As the helicopter continues in a counterclockwise turn, Mr. Crutcher clearly drops his hands to his side.

crutcher-helo-close As we can see above, Mr. Crutcher’s right hand has dropped and is just in front of his waist. His left hand still appears to be up and positioned near the upper door frame or “A” pillar.


At the moment just before Mr. Crutcher simultaneously shot once by Officer Shelby (right) and tased by Officer Tyler Turnbough (left), Mr. Crutcher’s hand is clearly down near his waist near the right front pants pocket area. This is when both officers decided to discharge respective weapons.


Definitively, Terence Crutcher was not shot with his hands raised.


The image above is just after Mr. Crutcher was simultaneously shot once in the chest and tased.

Quite clearly, Mr. Crutcher’s right hand is by his side at the moment he is shot.


In the image directly above, Mr. Crutcher has just been shot, and the wound to his chest is just starting to bleed. throught the hole.

Mr. Crutcher will begin bleeding much more profusely within fractions of a second, then roughly 2 seconds later, he will collapse to the ground.

Here’s the video. Watch it for yourself.

 * * *

Without passing any judgments one way or the other on whether Mr. Crutcher’s actions warranted the shot fired by Officer Shelby, one thing is 100% clear, and that is that Terence Crutcher’s hands were not raise when he was shot, but down by his side.

The mainstream media is, universally and without question, lying to you about the circumstances of Terence Crutcher’s shooting.


Update: PCP was recovered from Crutcher’s vehicle, and Officer Shelby is trained to recognize the signs of PCP abuse.

Final Update: There is now an attempt developing this evening to craft a new narrative defending Mr. Crutcher on social media, claiming that he couldn’t have reached into the vehicle, because, they claim, that the vehicle’s windows are up.


This appears to be a false claim. All four windows were down on Mr. Crutcher’s vehicle, and his sunroof was open.

This is seen as the helicopter circles and Mr. Crutcher is seen walking towards the driver’s side…


… and the open sunroof and passenger side windows can be seen as the helicopter comes around that side in a counterclockwise orbit as well.

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