AMERICAN ISIS: It's Time To Treat Black Lives Matter Like The Domestic Terrorists They Are

It finally happened last night.

Just as the riots were beginning in Charlotte—ostensibly over the death of an “unarmed” black man named Keith Lamont Scott that we now know was not only armed, but advancing on uniformed police with a gun in his hand when he was shot—one of the violent criminals taking advantage of the “room to burn” provided by Mayor Jennifer Roberts apparently saw a rival and decided to take advantage of the crowd to settle a personal score.

Originally reported dead, the man with his head turned into a canoe by one of his peers was last reported as clinging to life for as long as they keep him plugged in. Instead of accepting responsibility, the rioters blamed police.

Then they escalated their criminal actions.

They’ll no doubt blame police for looting a Charlotte Hornets fan shop. And looting Epicenter Sundries. And looting the local CVS and other stores.

And general robbery.

They needed this cash drawer stolen from a local business.

“For social justice.”

But they didn’t stop with robbery, looting, and arson.

But why stop with beating up reporters?

Why not knock them unconscious, and then try to burn them alive in front of their peers?

But you know, we’re still missing something.

Why not racially profile innocent motorists on nearby streets, and try to drag them out  out of their cars for a little “Reginald Denny” treatment?

Black Lives Matter has had a hand in orchestrating riots around this country over the deaths of one violent criminal after another, and Black Lives Matter loyalists have carried out murders and attempted murders of police officers around the country to “protest” for “social justice” with boring regularity.

But last night we really got to see their depravity on full display, didn’t we?

Not only did they conduct themselves as the common mob of vicious criminal looters as we now know them to be, they’ve actually “upped their game” to include attempted murder of other rioters during the middle of the riot itself. When that wasn’t depraved enough, they began attacking members of the media and even tried to roast one of them like a human marshmallow before he could be saved.

When that didn’t satisfy them, they began attacking motorists based on the color of their skin.

Thank God no one else was murdered by these terrorists.

Black Lives Matter is not about “justice,” of the social variety or otherwise.

Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist group, attempting to bully law enforcement into allowing ever greater levels of depravity, and insisting up treating the criminally violent as a new protected class. Last night, they showed that they have devolved into an American ISIS, attempting to burn a fellow citizen alive for their own sadistic amusement.

Governor Pat McCrory belatedly activated the North Carolina National Guard last night, and promised the deployment of North Carolina’s paramilitary State Troopers. He’s considering a curfew for tonight.

Maybe it will be enough to slow or even halt American ISIS this time, but what will happen when these domestic terrorists re-emerge, ever more violent and sadistic, in your city?