BREAKING: Police Down "Active Shooter" Near Shopping Center In Houston


Houston Police believe they have neutralized an “active shooter” in or near the an apartment building near a Houston area shopping center early this morning before dawn.

At least two people are reported injured, and the shooter was reportedly injured and then surrendered.

Despite the mainstream media’s tendency to conflate “there is an on-going random mass murder” with “we haven’t yet arrested some guy with a gun,” this does not appear to be an attack on a mall or shopping center, as it is being breathlessly reported elsewhere.


We’ll provide more confirmed information as it becomes available.

Update: The shooter has been confirmed killed by officers, and six people were injured.

The Houston Fire Department confirms that six people were taken to the hospital with various injuries, but the extent of the injuries is not yet known.

Several vehicles stopped near the scene had bullet holes and busted windows. The injured patients were said to be drivers or passengers in the vehicles that were struck.

It all started when police and firefighters responded to Weslayan near Bissonnet at about 6:30 a.m. after reports of a shooting victim. Authorities discovered there was still an active shooter situation with multiple victims.

Bellaire, West University and HFD worked together to take the victims to the hospital as police looked for the gunman.

Police tracked down and “engaged” with the shooter, who was eventually “neutralized,” HFD said. Police later confirmed the suspect had died.

The suspect’s vehicle is believed to have been located in a condominium complex. The suspect was allegedly engaged as he hid behind a tree, but that has not been verified, as other outlets suggest he turned the gun on himself.

Details beginning to come in suggest that the shooter engaged vehicles driving down the road between the apartment complex and possibly in the the shopping center parking lot, but we’re still unclear as to where the six wounded people were when they were hit.


We’ll provide more details as the story stabilizes.

Update: The failed mass murderer has been identified as a failed lawyer who lived in the apartment complex and was firing at people driving by or parking in the shopping center. He was apparently killed in or near his apartment.

A “disgruntled lawyer” opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday morning, injuring nine people before the gunman was shot dead by police.

The shooter was identified as Nathan DeSai*, FOX26 reported, citing multiple sources. DeSai had previously worked at McDaniel & DeSai LLP, though the practice closed down at some point within the last year, Ken McDaniel told ABC13.

An ABC13 reporter who spoke with DeSai’s father said the man had tried calling his son numerous times on Monday but had only gotten the man’s voicemail. DeSai’s father said his son was upset over the failure of his law firm and the business closed due to a lack of clients.

DeSai’s father confirmed his son owned multiple guns and said he had a license to carry. He also said DeSai drove a black Porsche, the same type of car police were examing in the shopping center parking lot. That car’s license plate showed it was registered to DeSai, ABC13 reported.

The gunman was known to law enforcement, officials said, and several guns were found in the man’s car. He was a resident of an apartment complex near to the scene of the shooting and may have had previous run-ins with some of his neighbors.

Jennifer Molleda, who lives in the condo complex, said the most recent incident came a few weeks ago, when the man brandished an assault-style weapon at roofers in the complex.


Predictably, Black Lives Matter zealots have been quick to attempt to co-opt the story.

There’s only one small problem with her “this in an injustice against black men narrative…


Sadly, I do not think she’s a parody account.

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