Keith Lamont Scott Threatened His Wife With A Gun Last Year

Rakeyia Scott’s cry to CMPD officers that her husband, Keith Lamont Scott, did not own a gun—even as he brandished a gun in front of them—now appears to be a calculated lie, according to Rakeyia Scott.


On Oct. 5, a Gaston County District Court judge granted his wife a temporary restraining order. The court order told Scott not to go near his wife, three of their children and the children’s schools.

He was not allowed near their Gastonia apartment they’d called home since April 2014, according to court documents. He was told to turn over a black 9mm handgun he owned illegally.

Eleven days later, Rakeyia Scott voluntarily dismissed the order against her husband, writing, “He is no longer a threat to me and my family.”

But three days before she got the order, Keith Scott had kicked her, punched their 8-year-old in the head three times and threatened to kill her with the gun, she had written.

“He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that,” she wrote.

She said the man she’d been married to since she was 18 did not have a gun permit and was a felon, having been incarcerated from April 2004 to April 2011.

She checked a box saying her husband had threatened her with the gun before.


The Scott family is now trying to claim that the head injuries suffered by Scott left him a changed man, and yet, he was still an armed felon, brandishing a gun, if not threatening with her at this time.


Keith Scott’s family and friends have told one apparent falsehood about Scott and the circumstances surrounding his shooting after being warned 11 times over 45 seconds to drop the Colt Mustang Plus II he was brandishing.

Knowing that he had a traumatic brain injury and was a felon prohibited from owning firearms, why didn’t Rakeyia Scott remove the firearm from her home, especially after he had used it to threaten her previously when his brain wasn’t injured and erratic?

Rakeyia Scott also shouted at her husband, “don’t do it Keith!” as he got out of the SUV with the gun in his hand.

Don’t do what?

Rakeyia Scott and the rest of the Scott family has what can charitably be called a “veracity problem.”

I sincerely wish Mr. Scott hadn’t smoked marijuana in public while brandishing a gun while waiting to pick his son up from the bus stop.

Let me say that again.

I sincerely wish Keith Lamont Scott wasn’t brandishing a gun and a blunt while waiting to pick up his son from the bus stop.

Unfortunately he was. He was identified as having both the blunt and the gun and that drew the attention of officers who then attempted to take him into custody for breaking numerous laws. They asked him to put the gun down 11 times in 45 seconds, which is much more leniency than you or I could ever expect in such a circumstance. After not putting the gun down, and exiting the vehicle with the gun still in his hand, officers had reason to believe that he had transitioned from being someone merely brandishing a weapon into someone that was a imminent deadly force threat.


Keith Lamont Scott was a drug-using, violent felon with an illegal gun which his wife Rakeyia Scott was clearly aware of over a year ago when she filed her restraining order when he threatened to kill her and her son with it.

This was a justified shooting, and Mecklenburg County prosecutors should be investigating whether the Scott family committed any crimes during or after the shooting, as well as whether Rakeyia Scott is a fit parent for serially endangering her children.

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