So Desperate To Save Obama's Legacy He Wrecks Hillary's Campaign

Oh, biased media, please promise me that you’ll never change!

During last night’s head-to-head debate between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump cited the FBI’s annual crime report, Crime In the United States, 2015.


Trump asserted that crime jumped dramatically in the past year, that Obama’s policies were to blame, that Hillary Clinton would continue that failed record, and that electing him was the solution to the problem.

John Pfaff of the reliably left-wing The Nation was apparently so concerned over Trump positioning himself as the law and order candidate—and no doubt, over Trump’s hammering of Obama’s legacy as President—that he hammered out an article noting that 2015’s temporary jump in violent crime is just a blip on an overall trend that has driven violent crime to historic lows.

Despite the increases cited in yesterday’s FBI report—the rise in murders in 2015 was the largest in both absolute and percentage terms since crime started dropping in the early 1990s—the United States remains an historically safe place to live. The murder rate in 2015 is still lower than it was in 2009, and before 2009 the last time the murder rate was as low as it was last year was in 1964. Overall, 2015 had the third-lowest violent crime rate since at least 1970, and probably even before that, since our older crime stats likely understate crime much more than they do today.

Yes, crime went up in 2015. But crime remained at near historic lows in 2015, too. Both of these statements can be, and are true. Despite the rise in violent crime, we remain safer today than we have been in decades.


Pfaff has admitted That Which Must Not Be Admitted: the “epidemic of gun violence” which has been a Democrat talking point for all left wing Democrats in recent years, including President Obama, Candidate Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and others, are directly and boldly lying to their constituents.


Barack Obama lied to you.


Harry Reid lied to you.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi lied to you.

hillary clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton is currently lying to you, and claiming that is why you should elect her to be President of the United States.

Folks, I do think we’ll be ‘stronger together” after this election, but only if we put Hillary Clinton and her legacy of lying out to pasture.

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