Did Kim Kardashian Ask Her Armed Robbers If They Passed Background Checks?

Famous-for-being-famous Kim Kardashian went on a gun control rant earlier this year that was every bit as intelligent as you would expect for someone who shot to fame for a sex tape and stayed there because of the size of her butt.


Background checks have of course been required on every transfer conducted by an FFL for decades. The deeply-flawed “watch list” has more suburban moms and toddlers on it that terrorists, and the mentally ill have walked right through (or around) background checks in most of the nation’s most deadly mass shootings.

The Senate didn’t fail us.

Instead, they recognized the futility poorly-crafted regulations which would not save lives, but only infringe upon liberty even more than the government, a concept apparently lost on her.

Kardashian’s intelligence—or lack of it—led her to being robbed of an estimated $10 million in jewelry in Paris last night.


Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint by two gunmen inside her Paris hotel late Sunday night, a spokesperson tells The Independent.

Both armed men were masked and disguised as police officers, the spokesperson said, adding that Ms Kardashian West had been “badly shaken up” but remained “physically unharmed.” No other details have been provided at this time.

Ms Kardashian West is attending Fashion Week in France’s capitalwith her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.

The reality TV star’s husband, Kanye West, was performing at The Meadows Music and Arts Festival in Queens, New York when he heard the news. He abruptly ended his show by telling fans he needed to leave for a family emergency.

“I’m sorry. Family emergency,” West said while cutting his performance of “Heartless” short. “I have to stop the show.”

You would expect that even a Kardashian would have enough common sense to look through a hotel door peephole before opening it for unexpected strangers, especially to those wearing masks.


Then again, she married Kanye West, so her intellect is… suspect, to put it mildly.

France has much more strict gun control than the United States, and yet her robbers were able to acquire weapons. It’s almost like gun control laws have little to no bearing on the ability of criminals to acquire weapons.

It will be interesting to see if being the victim of a robbery changes her mind on being a unarmed and unaware victim.

I’ll be willing to bet Mrs. Kardashian West will soon have armed security as part of her entourage, even while overseas.

Should she learn to defend herself instead?

Of course. But hypocrisy is  what gun control supporters do best.

Just ask the multi-man security teams of Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.

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