Do You Want To See A Justified Shooting Of Children? This Is How You Get One.

Feral. Animalistic. Barbaric. Sadistic.

These are the words that best describe the social media-organized lynch mob of hundreds of black youths attacking white college students and police in Philadelphia near Temple University Friday night.


Four teenagers have been arrested after mobs of juveniles staged a series of vicious attacks on students around the Temple University campus.

Police said students were surrounded, punched, kicked, robbed and in some cases knocked to the ground in a spate of attacks by groups of teens on Friday night.

Packs of between 20 and 100 young people roved the area near the university campus in northern Philadelphia for nearly two hours from 8pm and picked on people at random.

Six students were injured and a university police officer was hurt when he was knocked over. A 15-year-old boy also punched a police horse in the face.

In a separate incident, a young woman was left covered in bruises after she was held down and stomped on repeatedly before employees from a nearby pizza restaurant intervened, her father said.

Another student, a junior, posted pictures of her black eye after she was beaten.

She says the attackers punched her in the face as she walked back to her apartment with her boyfriend.

The “young woman” held down and stomped by this lynch mob was Christina Lauletta.


Joe Lauletta is her father, and he is understandably outraged by the attack on his daughter.


This is not the first time that a sadistic pack of minority youths organized via social media to randomly attacked citizens. It almost certainly won’t be the last.


So far, these violent young criminals have largely gotten away with their brutal criminal assaults because they’ve been fortunate in their victim selection process.

That won’t hold forever.

Eventually, they are going to attack an armed concealed carrier, or they are going to carry out one of these lynchings—defined as a punishing a person without legal process or authority, often as an act of bigotry—in front a of the residence or vehicle of someone who has firearms and the will to use them in third-party self defense.

When that armed citizen pulls a weapon and starts putting bullets into the feral youths carrying out these attacks, it is likely going to be viewed as a legally justifiable action if the citizen who opens fire can reasonably articulate that they felt they were in jeopardy of being seriously injured or killed, or if they can articulate why they thought that they had to shoot to save the life of of a victim of one of these lynch mobs.

The attack carried out by these violent youth against Christina Lauletta, as described by her father Joe Lauletta, would almost certainly justify the use of deadly force against the thugs holding her down and stomping her. It wouldn’t matter that they were “unarmed.” It wouldn’t matter if they were 12 years old, or 17. The armed responder cannot know your age. The armed responder can only judge you by your actions and your perceived threat against innocent life.


When you participate in violent, potentially life-threatening mob actions against your fellow citizens and civil society itself, you open yourself up to the risk that your victim or a third party may intervene using deadly force.

If these attacks continue, they are going to eventually invite a self-defense shooting of these hyper-violent juvenile criminals.

When that happens, I’m sure that the parents and community that spawned these evil youth will cry foul.

They will have no one but themselves to blame.

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