Gun Company Launches Project To Equip First Responders With Tourniquets

After the Townville Elementary School shooting in South Carolina last month, I wrote an article on how my training classes, research, and everyday observation of current events has led my to incorporate medical gear as a key component of my everyday carry gear.

Firearms are good at solving problems posed by the threat of violent people, but once the threat is neutralized, there is still the likelihood that someone may need medical care. There’s also the possibility of household accidents, occupational accidents, and the kind of event I seem to have a particular talent for finding, single vehicle incidents and vehicle collisions.

The single most important piece of medical gear I carry on a daily basis is a SOFTT-Wide tourniquet in a PHLster FlatPack tourniquet carrier.


Unfortunately, our first responders don’t always have the luxury of being issued great gear. They are issued what is cheapest, or what they’re willing to spend their (often meager) salaries upon.

As a result, many don’t have tourniquets on them at all, much less carried in a way that is both comfortable and easily accessible.


That isn’t sitting well with our friends at Snakehound Machine, so they’ve decided to launch Project Stimpack to better equip first responders to save lives.

Project Stimpack is our way of trying to do good. For every $30 we raise, we provide one SOF®TT-Wide tourniquet, one Flatpack® Tourniquet Carrier, and mail them to an individual or unit somewhere who needs them. Active Military, Law Enforcement, Firemen, and Emergency Medical Technicians are often under supplied or under funded and if provided the best equipment on the market, perhaps more lives will be saved.

This is not a charity. This is just some guys trying to use the resources they have been given to do some good in the world. Your donations won’t get you a tax write-off, they WILL provide life saving equipment to people who need them.

While searching out the perfect charity, we quickly realized that no perfect charity exists. Every program has overhead, salaries, fund-raising, and the like. I don’t know about you but I get real pissed off thinking that money I’ve given to help people gets used to buy vacation homes, BMWs, and skydiving trips.

Any donation is appreciated, but we also need nominations. If you know of Rescue Workers, Emergency Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, or Military Servicemen and Women who can benefit from Project Stimpack please let us know. You can put their information in the comment field on our website, or email [email protected].

If you or your business would like to be involved in Project Stimpack please email us, we would like to hear from you.

This seems like a really solid way of paying back those who risk it all to keep us safe.

Who knows? Maybe it will be someone you love who is saved by a first responder equipped by a tourniquet you supplied.