How Crazy Are Black Lives Matter Cultists? This Crazy.

Black Lives Matter is as much a group mental illness as it is a domestic terrorist group, and you need look no further for evidence of that on-going insanity than the behavior of BLM agitators who are still attempting to blame Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department officers for the murder of a man in downtown Charlotte during the riots which followed the Keith Lamont Scott shooting, even though a suspect was quickly identified, quickly arrested, and has already confessed.

Prosecutors announced Thursday that they will not seek the death penalty against Rayquan Borum, the Charlotte man accused of shooting Justin Carr during a September demonstration protesting police violence.

Carr was fatally wounded on Sept. 21 outside the Omni Hotel on East Trade Street. He was amidst a throng of people denouncing the police shooting that killed Keith Lamont Scott the day before.

Borum, 21, was arrested two days later and charged with Carr’s death. Prosecutors have said he has admitted to the crime, but few details have been released.

He also faces an array of looting-related charges. The District Attorney’s Office says Borum was caught by surveillance camera less than an hour after the Carr shooting helping loot the nearby Kandy Bar in the Epicentre entertainment venue. Prosecutors say Borum was among a group that smashed their way into the night spot, and that he can be seen in footage climbing over the club’s bar and grabbing liquor.

While he will not face the death penalty, Borum’s first-degree murder charges carries a mandatory life in prison without parole if he is convicted.

Activists who say they witnessed the shooting have called for Borum’s release, saying police firing rubber bullets killed Carr. A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman says officers on the scene did not use rubber bullets against the uptown demonstrators.


These lying BLM protesters—including a group of black pastors blinded by hate—don’t care at all about the facts, or reality. They care about pushing a false narrative of police oppression in hopes of turning the American people against law enforcement.

They’re failing miserably, with respect for law enforcement soaring to nearly all-time high levels.

The sooner Black Lives Matter is relegated to the ash-heap of bad ideas and people are once again forced to be accountable for their actions, the better.