Should Any Gun Owner Trust Scandal-Plagued Hillary Clinton?

FBI Director James Comey told Congress on Friday that the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was once again underway. The FBI obtained two search warrants over the course of the weekend to examine thousands of newly-discovered emails for evidence of obstruction, perjury, violations of federal record-keeping laws, and violations of national security.


The investigation started again after Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, turned over a laptop to the FBI during a probe into Weiner’s alleged sexting of a 15 year-old which apparently contains thousands of emails between Clinton and Abedin.

At the same time, news is emerging that four separate FBI offices in Washington, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Ark., and New York are conducting felony investigations into financial crimes and influence peddling involving the Clinton Foundation.


If that wasn’t bad enough, evidence has developed that DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile helped rig a CNN primary debate between Bernie Sanders and Mrs. Clinton by slipping a question to the Clinton campaign in apparent violation of Federal Election Commission rules. Brazile repeatedly lied about not slipping the answer to Clinton, but was undone by Wikileaks.

And as if we weren’t already neck-deep in Clinton scandal overload, Wikileaks also discovered emails that represented direct ties between Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and a Democrat operative that apparently hired people to criminally assault people at Trump rallies.

Project Veritas recently taped a meeting of Democrat operatives, where they actively conspiring with union bosses and other operative to lie to you about their abysmal records on guns.

They aren’t even trying to hide their contempt for you anymore, Mr. and Mrs. America.



Hillary Clinton is wrapped up in no less than five known FBI investigations.

She has repeated lied about her intentions towards gun rights, just as she has apparently lied about everything else.

She’s lied about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), repeatedly claiming that it give the gun industry “immunity” from any kind of lawsuit. That is entirely untrue.

Hillary Clinton and several allies have been consistently focusing on the PLCAA for months, claiming that it provides the firearms industry “immunity” from being held responsible for its actions.

This is a bold, direct, and intentional lie to the American people from Hillary Clinton.

Gun makers and sellers can be sued, and are being sued right now for both negligence and criminal actions.

Remington is presently negotiating a class-action settlement that will cost them millions over a defective trigger design. They’re also being sued as the parent company of Bushmaster in a case resulting from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Century Arms is now battling a lawsuit over safeties that allegedly don’t work.

Badger Guns just lost a famous case for selling guns to an obvious straw purchaser, who used the gun to shoot two police officers.

The owner of Stag Arms has been banned from the industry for life and his former company hit with $500,000 in fines for paperwork violations.

The PLCAA has never offered blanket immunity to the industry as Hillary Clinton has repeatedly claimed. As the cases above clearly show, manufacturers and sellers who make defective products or who act criminally can of course be sued, just like any other business.

All that PLCAA does is prevent gun control zealots from filing waves of frivolous lawsuits meant to bankrupt retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, destroying the gun industry via frivolous lawsuits since they can’t get the public to agree to ban guns.

Let’s be perfectly clear: the only reason to repeal the PLCAA is so that deep-pocketed gun control groups financed by anti-gun billionaires can file wave after wave of frivolous lawsuits to bankrupt manufacturers, distributors, and gun dealers. Whether manufacturers are guilty of any crimes is beside the point; they will be bankrupted by having to pay teams of lawyers millions of dollars to defend them.

Clinton’s goal of removing the PLCAA exist for no other reason that to hollow out the right to bear arms by bankrupting the industry through a wave of frivolous lawsuits.

Tell me, my fellow Americans, which is more devious?

Is it more repulsive to honestly claim to the world that you want to abolish the Second Amendment so that voters can judge you an on the merits of your position, or is it more vile to claim to “respect the traditions” of gun owners, while plotting to destroy the entire industry and render the right impossible to exercise?


There are an estimated 120 million gun owners in the United States, more than enough to bury Hillary Clinton at the ballot box in a blowout of historic proportions, if we turn out and vote against her.

Hillary Clinton has referred to us as the “enemy,” has repeatedly stated that she wants to ban common firearms, and has indicated that she will use “executive actions” to force gun control down the throats of the American people, even though polls show that Republicans, Independents, and Democrats want less of it.

Hillary Clinton is almost certainly criminally corrupt, and clearly the most constitutionally dangerous candidate to ever run for President.

Responsible American citizens have a constitutional duty to vote against her, and if we turn out to vote on Nov. 8 (or now in early voting where applicable), she will be defeated, no matter how much they cheat.

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