BRRRRRRRRP! OK State Troopers Machine Gun Fugitive To End Deadly Spree

The Oklahoma State Police didn’t waste time or ammunition when they got into a pursuit with double homicide suspect Michael Vance, who had shot three law enforcement officers who tried to take him down starting on October 23.

Both a dash camera and a chase helicopter equipped with FLIR (forward looking infrared) documented the high speed chase and riveting shootout that put Vance down for good.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released videos in connection to the deadly shootout with double-homicide suspect, Michael Vance.

Michael Vance had been on the run since he allegedly shot two Wellston officers, killed two family members and shot two others during separate carjackings  on Oct. 23rd.

Around 9:30 p.m., Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander spotted a flatbed truck dragging a chain behind it that was creating sparks in Leedey, Okla.

The sheriff pulled the vehicle over to warn the driver a fire could start due to the sparks.

The shooting suspect, Vance, was inside the truck.

Officials told KFOR crews that Vance reportedly stole the truck somewhere in Leedey.

After being pulled over, officials say Vance got out of the vehicle and shot Sander in the shoulder and arm.

The officer was transported to an Elk City hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities say Vance managed to drive away and led Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers on a short pursuit.

Officials say Vance then engaged in a shootout with OHP troopers in Butler, Okla.

That is when he was shot and killed.

Here are the two videos that show the pursuit and shootout.

The chase ended when Vance pulled over, and either put the stolen truck in neutral or reverse and then ran in front of it, using it as over as it rolled back towards the troopers. Vance was firing at officers as the truck rolled backwards, as officers fired single shots in his direction.


Once the unmanned truck started slipping onto the shoulder of the road Vance stepped to his right, exposing himself clearly to the state troopers. You can here one of the troopers exclaims Vance comes into view, and then he fires two measured three-round bursts, followed by a seven-round burst. The long burst drops Vance, but there is so much dust in the darkened road it is hard to tell if Vance is out of the fight, so they keep pouring in shot after shot. I estimate 64 rounds were fired before they called a cease fire to avoid hitting units coming in from the opposite direction.


Three people have been arrested for arming and treating Vance’s wounds during the manhunt. two of them armed Vance after the initial shootout, and also helped treat wounds he obtained on October 23.